[CUBE NEWS] Cube Intelligence becomes a partner of Palo Alto Networks!

With the era of 'Connected Car', the automotive security market is growing rapidly all over the world.

Until now, automobiles were not connected to the Internet, so they were not attacked like computers. Because of this, automakers had no reason to worry about malicious viruses like PCs.

In recent years, with the rapid change of this environment, Europe has obligated all cars produced from 2020, two years later, to have an SOS button. All cars turn into connected cars that are connected to the Internet. In this case, the automobile market, which is the largest market for a single product market, is attacked by a massive malicious virus. All automakers suddenly wondered how to prevent such network attacks.

In the hacking market that produces malicious viruses, malicious hacking attacks are getting bigger than 10 billion dollars per year. It is a way to sell a vaccine that infiltrates and removes the malicious virus. Experts predict that from the moment a car connected to the network, it will become the hottest market for hackers.

The UK's Cube Intelligence said that the research on the car security market is focused on security between the car and the IoT, including the V2X market, but what really matters most seriously is how to prevent network attacks.

"We are a company specializing in car network attacks, and both the download side of the car company and the upload side of the car uploaded from the car to the server block the forgery and alteration of the original data. A "clean pipe" technology is an actual technology that can be used in all networks as well as in automobiles. It is predicted that there will be more applications in the tens of trillion network security markets. "

Existing global network security companies are also seeing the market. Palo Alto Networks, which currently accounts for more than 20 billion dollars in sales as the largest global security company, has quickly built up a collaborative model by registering Cube Intelligence as a partner and automakers are also looking for partnerships. Obama, the former president of the United States, has commented that companies such as Palo Alto Networks and the government must work together to combat malicious attacks.

A malicious network attack on a place like banks, will cause you to lose money, but an attack on a car could kill one’s life. The automotive security market, along with Connected Cars, is expected to grow rapidly as one of the largest markets for future autonomous vehicles.


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