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[CUBE NEWS] Korea Post Office, Blockchain Insurance Billing System to Be Introduced

The Korean post office will introduce an insurance claim system that uses blockchain within this year. The Gwangju Regional Public Procurement Service has issued a bidding announcement on March 11, saying that the Postal Service headquarters will introduce computerized billing system using blockchain as a part of information infrastructure construction service.

The post office said it was planning to build a blockchain-based insurance claim system for insurance business in early February. It is a system that can claim the medical insurance benefit by using blockchain. The post office also said that it plans to install computer equipment in preparation for system operation and hospital expansion.

Previously, the post office also signed a business agreement with Jeonbuk Bank of JB Financial Group, for ‘joint development of the fourth industrial revolution field’, including the development of blockchain technology. At the time, the general manager of the post office, said, "The post …

CUBE, introduce Transportation Blockchain at Korean Society of Transportation

Cube Intelligence

Lee, Bong-Hyoung, a chairman of Cube Intelligence, attended the Korean Society of Transportation( on March 8 and proposed a Korean public transport integration platform using blockchain technology. On this day, the discussions about MaaS (Mobility as a Service), which is a public transport integration platform, have been actively conducted, and it is already being utilized as a means of using various public transportation in Belgium and Germany. Lee pointed out that the government - led integrated platform could degrade the efficiency and proposed that the blockchain platform for operators and passengers to connect directly and connect other transportation. In this regard, Hwang, Gi-yeon. Professor of Hong-Ik University, said that instead of making cheaper public transportation, the data that citizens provide unknowingly can be used as a subsidy for transportation costs.

Lee, Bong-hyong, chairman of the company, added we need a blockchain platform for automobiles and transportation, and that Cube is building the core of such a transportation blockchain.

(source from News on 9th march