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[CUBE NEWS] Korea Post Office, Blockchain Insurance Billing System to Be Introduced

The Korean post office will introduce an insurance claim system that uses blockchain within this year. The Gwangju Regional Public Procurement Service has issued a bidding announcement on March 11, saying that the Postal Service headquarters will introduce computerized billing system using blockchain as a part of information infrastructure construction service.

The post office said it was planning to build a blockchain-based insurance claim system for insurance business in early February. It is a system that can claim the medical insurance benefit by using blockchain. The post office also said that it plans to install computer equipment in preparation for system operation and hospital expansion.

Previously, the post office also signed a business agreement with Jeonbuk Bank of JB Financial Group, for ‘joint development of the fourth industrial revolution field’, including the development of blockchain technology. At the time, the general manager of the post office, said, "The post …

Cube R & D Advisory Team and Korea ITS Society Announcement

CUBE is pleased to announce a key expansion of their R & D Team with the recent addition of Dr. Jang Hee-Su from Seoul National University and Professor Yoon Young from Hongik University. A blockchain based ecosystem for autonomous car security and information, CUBE will also present a special session at the upcoming Korea ITS Conference. 

The recipient of a Doctorate from the University of Toronto and a Master's Degree in computer science from the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Yoon is currently a Professor of Computer Science at Hongik University and a Research Director at NetcoreTech Incorporated.  He has gained top-notch professional experience during his association with Samsung Electronics (IBM T.J.) Watson Research Center and Platform Computing.  He specializes in distributed systems, middleware, cybersecurity solutions, and artificial intelligence applications.

Dr. Jang Hee-Su received her Ph.D. in blockchain from Seoul National University, Department of Industrial Engineering. At present, she is a researcher at the Center for Data Analysis and Research in the Mathematical Infrastructure of the University of Seoul. As an exponent of the blockchain, she has published several papers and is known for her lecture analyzing the concept of IOTA's Tangle technology. 

Special lecture by Dr. Jang Hee-Soo on IOTA's Tangle analysis

The Cube R & D Team was formed by the company to upgrade the original technology of Cube. Through this team, the organization hopes to play a significant role in realizing and updating the advanced security platform and OTA technology utilizing blockchain technology. 

Expressing pleasure about having the two new members on board, a senior official from CUBE stated, “Both of them are leading experts in the latest technology, and we are sure they will help us a great deal in realizing the business models that Cube plans for the future.”

The Korea ITS Conference will be held from April 19th to April 21st at Jeju Island Halla Convention Center. Apart from CUBE, several other renowned organizations will participate in this conference, including Korea Transportation Safety Corporation, Korea Highway Corporation, Korea Transport Research Institute, Vehicle Communication Research Institute, Ministry of Land Transport and Transport, and SK Telecom. 

The special session from CUBE at the Korea ITS Conference will be presented by Professor Hwang Gi-Yeon, Professor Yoon Young, Dean Choong Ke Lee, and the organization’s Chairman Dr.Lee Bong-Hyeong. The presentation will primarily discuss the development and business of CUBE, with a focus on car and blockchain. This session will take place in the room number 7 from 9 am to 10:20 am on April 20.

2018 Korea ITS Society Spring Conference Program