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[CUBE] Notice on the Whitepaper Updates | 큐브 백서 업데이트 알림

We inform you that there has been some changes to our whitepaper from official website:

1. The "Expansion of Project Scope" section has been added.
- To reflect our commitment to creating value for token holders by expanding the use case of Cube tokens, we have added a section on ongoing projects and a section on token economy.

2. A new "Appendix" section has been created.
- Much of the technical aspects, including Synapse, have been moved to the "appendix" section to increase the White Paper's readability.

3. In addition, we ran a basic editing to correct typos

Click here to check out whitepaper

(Below is the same content in Korean.)

안녕하세요, 백서 상 약간의 수정사항이 있었으며 이에 따라 큐브 커뮤니티 회원분들께 안내 드립니다:

1. "Expansion of Project Scope" 섹션이 추가 되었습니다.
- Cube 토큰의 사용 사례를 확대하여 토큰 홀더들에 대한 가치창출을 하겠다는 당사의 의지를 반영하기 위해 현재 진행 중인 사업들에 대한 내용과 토큰 이코노미에 대한 섹션을 추가하였습니다.

2. "Appendix" 영역을 신규 생성하였습니다.
- Synapse를 비롯한 기술적인 부분의 상당 부분을 부록으로 이동하여…

[News Articles on CubeCar, Carsharing]

(Original article was written in English:

The first P2P car sharing company in Korea is created. P2P car sharing means sharing individuals’ cars, just as Airbnb is sharing a private house with guests. Cube Intelligence, a blockchain technology developer in autonomous vehicles industry, announced that it will launch a P2P car sharing service, CubeCar at 2018 sharing festival Seoul, which is being hosted by Seoul City on September 7, 2018.

P2P car sharing has attracted a great deal of attention worldwide recently. Not long ago, Softbank invested a large amount of 300 million dollars in North American P2P car sharing company Getaround, and Europe-based P2P car sharing company Turo also attracted 230 million dollars. Daimler-Benz also acquired a P2P car sharing company, Croove, yet did not disclosed the accurate acquisition price.

P2P car sharing company is getting much interest from car makers. This is because the automobile market is expected to turn into car sharing in preparation for the eventual change of the automobile market into the autonomous car market. This means that a particular traditional car sharing company will not be able to clean or manage the car, and eventually the P2P car sharing company will take the lead in every car market.

Overseas, municipalities and governments also recommend P2P car sharing. It is a part of government and consensus that cars are now recognized as the main cause of fine dust and air pollution. To solve this problem, carsharing has been tried by multiple companies, but the pollution increased as the car sharing companies increased the purchase of new cars to share.

Currently, 95% of cars are not used in underground parking lots. Sharing these private cars can save a lot of parking space, and this space can be used as a green space to improve the environment. In addition, the citizens could use the parking spaces for other purposes which leads economic efficiency much higher.

"We expect P2P car sharing to contribute to parking space problems and fine dust problems," said Richard Biggs, CEO of Cube Intelligence. "In particular, since individuals manage car that are shared, our goal is to create cleaner car sharing culture. "

"We will link the P2P car sharing to autonomous vehicles with the security technology based on the blockchain that are currently under development."