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[CUBE NEWS] The Future of Blockchain 3. Utilization of Blockchain Technology | 블록체인의 미래 3. 블록체인 기술의 활용 현황

3. Utilization of Blockchain Technology
So how long will it take for blockchain technology to become widely used in our society? Experts predict that it will take more than five years for blockchain technology to peak in most industries. Gartner, a U.S. IT market research and consulting firm, said in its 2017 Blockchain Heap Cycle report that the market and public interest in blockchain-related technologies such as distributed ledgers, virtual currency wallets and consensus algorithms are at its peak. In addition, most IT consulting agencies predict that blockchain technology will reach the peak of innovation in two to three years, and be commercialized in five to 10 years, so that stable services can be delivered around 2025. Among the areas where blockchain technology can be used especially effectively are financial areas such as banks and investment services, health care including insurance and health care, logistics and distribution sectors and public services.
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[Cube Intelligence] Cube Intelligence won the Grand Prize in the 'Application of Blockchain Convergence Industry'

[Cube Intelligence] Cube Intelligence won the Grand Prize in the 'Application of Blockchain Convergence Industry' at the '2019 Blockchain Marvels Awards' held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on January 29th.
The '2019 Marvels Awards', Korea's first blockchain awards ceremony, promoted by Korea CEO Summit (Chairman Park Bong-Gyu) and sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, was held in order to discover blockchain business and brand model in blockchain industry that could pioneer the new market.
The foreman of juries, Kim Hyung Joong, a professor at Korea University, selected 7 departments and 10 projects and emceed the awards ceremony.
Richard Biggs, CEO of Cube Intelligence had said, "We are honoured to win a significant award in the blockchain field, and we will work to build a better company based on this award," after awarded.
* '2019 Marvels Awards Best 10'
△ Blockchain Platform Division – HYCON
△ Blockchain Cultural Industry – Application NIX, eKYSS
△ Blockchain Convergence Industry Application – Cube Intelligence, SymVerse, WePeed
△ Blockchain Accelerator Division – Foundation X
△ Blockchain Organisations/Expert – Legislative Agencies (Song Hee-kyung, member of National Assembly), Group Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association (Chairman Kim Hyung-Ju)
(Below is the same contents in Korean.)
[큐브 인텔리전스] 큐브 인텔리전스가 1월 29일 서울 신라호텔에서 열린 '2019 블록체인 마블스 어워즈'에서 '블록체인 융합산업 응용' 부문 최우수상을 수상했습니다.
코리아씨이오서밋 (Korea CEO Summit, 이사장 박봉규)이 주최하고, 서울특별시가 후원하는 대한민국 최초의 블록체인 시상식인 이번 ‘2019 마블스 어워즈(MARVELS Awards)’ 행사는 앞으로 새로운 시장을 개척하고 이끌어 갈 블록체인 기업과 브랜드 모델을 발굴하기 위해 마련됐는데요.
선정위원장 김형중 고려대학교 교수를 중심으로 7개 부분, 10팀을 선정해 수상을 진행했습니다.
다양한 기업과 관련 단체가 수상자로 선정된 가운데 큐브 인텔리전스 리처드 빅스 대표는 시상식에서 "블록체인 분야에서 뜻깊은 상을 수상하게 되어 영광이며, 이를 토대로 더 훌륭한 회사를 만들기 위해 노력하겠다"고 수상 소감을 밝혔습니다.
* ‘2019 마블스 어워즈 베스트10’
△ 블록체인 플랫폼 부문 HYCON (김태원 대표)
△ 블록체인 문화산업응용부문 NIX(김유주 대표), eKYSS(이현준 대표)
△ 블록체인 융합산업응용부문 Cube Intelligence (리차드빅스 대표), SymVerse(최수혁 대표), WePeed (심종남 대표)
△ 블록체인 액셀러레이터부문 Foundation X(황성재 대표)
△ 블록체인 기관/단체/전문가부문 입법기관(송희경 국회의원), 단체 한국블록체인산업진흥협회 (김형주 이사장), 법률자문 테크앤로(구태언 변호사)