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[CUBE NEWS] KakaoTalk to Reveal Blockchain Wallet in June?

A blockchain based cryptocurrency wallet will be installed in June in KakaoTalk, a "national messenger in South Korea", which is used by about 44 million people in Korea. When the crypto wallet is added to KakaoTalk, all users of KakaoTalk now have a crypto wallet and can transfer digital assets as easily as sending cash like KakaoPay.

According to related personnel in the related industry, Kakao will install a crypto wallet in KakaoTalk along with the start of commercial service of blockchain network "Clayton", which is being developed by the blockchain subsidiary Ground X. Clayton commercial service is expected to start at the end of June.
"Clayton is working as a crypto wallet," said several Clayton partners who are developing a blockchain-based service with Clayton. "KakaoTalk, which is already used by the entire nation, is best suited to use as a crypto wallet. " Users of existing KakaoTalk users can easily access the wallet by simply upgradi…

[CUBE NEWS] Korean Financial Sector Is Now in a ‘Blockchain Wave’

Companies such as major asset management, investment, banking, and securities companies, which are at the center of the Korean financial sector, are speeding up the introduction of blockchain technology. To this end, major companies have been registered in lectures held by blockchain experts such as the Blockchain Investment Research Institute and the Korea Blockchain Association.

Listed companies are asset management institutions such as Korea Investment Management, Eugene Asset Management, and Hi Asset Management, financial institutions such as Korea Securities Depository, Korea Investment Corporation, Credit Finance Association and KB Securities, Hanwha Investment and Securities and Kiwoom Securities, and first financial banks such as Shinhan Bank, Kookmin Bank, KDB Industrial Bank, etc.

 According to officials in the financial industry, Woori and KEB Hana Bank are considering a way of introducing blockchain technology into their own cryptocurrency or membership point system. The reason for adopting blockchain technology in the financial sector is that it is cost-effective as a result. This is because the cost of maintaining and managing security systems is significantly reduced. The industry believes that applying a blockchain platform will save about 15% of the total IT costs of banks and brokers.

A bank official said, "If blockchain system is verified and the customers could be assured of the safety of the transaction, there is no reason why the bank would not introduce it. In addition to customer convenience, banks themselves could maximize the business values and profitability.”

It is believed that if the blockchain is well introduced into the banking system through this process and is easily accessible in our daily lives, it will have a great impact on the formation and implementation of the token economy using cryptocurrency. If the battle was about creating a faster and more stable mainnet until the time of the appearance of Bitcoin and the hot wind, the future topic is predicted to be the battle of making a healthy and solid token economy. In this atmosphere, the keen interest in the blockchain seen by the Korean financial community is a welcome news.

(Below is the same content in Korean.)

[한국 금융권은 지금 블록체인 열공 중]

한국 금융권의 중심에 서 있는 주요 자산운용·투자·은행·증권사 등의 기업에서 최근 블록체인 기술 도입에 속도를 내고 있습니다. 이를 위해 블록체인투자연구소, 한국블록체인학회 등이 주관하고 블록체인 전문가들이 진행하는 강의에 주요 기업들이 등록한 상태인데요.

등록 기업들의 리스트를 살펴보면 국내 운용사인 한국투자신탁운용, 유진자산운용, 하이자산운용 등. 증권회사인 한국예탁결제원과 한국투자공사, 여신금융협회등 금융기관과 KB증권, 한화증권, 키움증권 등. 1금융권인 신한은행, 국민은행, KDB산업은행 등이 포함되어 있습니다.

금융권 관계자에 따르면 우리·KEB하나은행 등 시중은행과 신한카드는 블록체인 기술을 자체 암호화폐(가상화폐)나 멤버십 포인트 제도에 도입하는 방식을 고려 중이라고 하는데요. 이렇게 금융권에서 블록체인 기술을 도입하는 이유는 결과적으로 비용적 측면에서도 효율적이기 때문이죠. 바로 보안 시스템 유지·관리 비용이 현저히 줄기 때문이죠. 업계는 블록체인 플랫폼을 적용하면 전체 은행과 증권사 IT비용의 약 15%를 절감할 수 있을 것으로 보고 있습니다.

시중은행 관계자는블록체인 시스템이 검증되고 고객에게 거래 안전성에 대한 확신이 부여되면 금융권이 이를 도입하지 않을 이유는 없다고 본다고객 편의는 물론 은행 입장에서도 사업성이나 수익성이 확대될 것이라고 말했습니다.

이런 과정을 거쳐 블록체인이 금융권에 잘 도입되어 우리 생활에서 쉽게 접할 수 있게 된다면 암호화폐를 이용한 토큰 이코노미 형성과 구현에도 큰 영향을 끼칠 것이라고 보여집니다. 비트코인의 등장과 열풍을 맞이했던 시기까지는 누가 더 빠르고 안정적인 메인넷을 만드느냐의 전쟁이었다면, 앞으로의 화두는 누가 더 건전하고 튼튼한 토큰 이코노미를 만드느냐의 전쟁이 될 것으로 예측되고 있는데요. 이러한 분위기 가운데 한국 금융권이 보이는 블록체인에 대한 뜨거운 관심은 참 반가운 소식입니다


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