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[DRIVE] Chuseok holiday: Highway driving, safe driving this year! | 추석 연휴: 고속도로 운전, 올해도 안전운전!

This Chuseok holiday is four days. More than 1 million people go on overseas trips during the holidays every year, but since it is a shorter holiday than usual, there will likely be far more people returning to their hometowns through highway driving with their families.

During holidays and holidays, the driver can't hide the psychological phenomenon that he or she wants to go as fast as possible to reduce driving time with excitement and overflowing emotions.
* Driving like this is a shortcut to traffic accidents.

If the traffic jam continues for a long time and the road situation becomes smooth for an instant, it can speed up due to a sense of urgency and compensation, which can lead to a major traffic accident.

The most dangerous thing on your way home is a drowsy driving. Driving while feeling tired will expose the driver to sleepiness without realizing it.

Therefore, it is common to refrain from drinking and engaging in activities by considering travel schedules without overworkin…

[CUBE NEWS] LG U+ and Hanyang University, Succeed in Running Seoul's first 5G Autonomous Vehicle in Seoul City Centre

The 5G autonomous vehicle developed by LG U Plus and Hanyang University has been successfully tested in the city center of Seoul and has attracted worldwide attention on March 11th. It is said that it completed the 8km drive safely in the complicated city center of Seoul for 25 minutes.


The name of the 5G self-driving car introduced by LG U + and Hanyang University is 'A One (A1)', and it has been confirmed that it possesses the technology of the level 4 'Advanced Autonomous Driving' of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) classification standard. This means that you are able to drive yourself without driver intervention.

'Cube Self Driving Car', an autonomous vehicle developed by Cube Intelligence and licensed by Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MOLIT), has been developed to the level of 'Conditional Autonomous Driving' which is the level 3 of SAE classification standard. Cube is developing ‘Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP)’, targeting self-driving environment from the parking lot entrance to the parking space, instead of autonomous driving on complicated roads like the LG U + autonomous driving car.

An official of LG U Plus said, "When the autonomous vehicle becomes popular, it sends the traffic information detected by each vehicle to the control center. Based on this information, the control center sends back the optimal route for each vehicle in real time. It helps smooth traffic flow." "In order to exchange massive amounts of information with millions of vehicles in real time, a 5G communication network, which can be called a data highway, is essential."

When the era of autonomous vehicles based on the 5G technology, which is announced officially today, it is expected that it will be realized in the reality that it was drawn only by imagination in the movie in the meantime. You can enjoy a variety of everyday activities without having to steer the car. It is already exciting to think about the day when the interior of a car becomes another daily living space.

This autonomous vehicle technology is developing with the power of the 5G communication network. Wouldn’t the security be more important as it is an autonomous vehicle that carries people and people’s lives? Cube Intelligence is the first company in the world to develop a solution that uses a blockchain technology to secure the safety of vehicles from malicious attacks. Please stay focused on the future of the autonomous vehicle industry and Cube Intelligence, as we will be developing new era by implementing AI, blockchain, and 5G technology on vehicles.

(Below is the same content in Korean.)

[LGU+와 한양대, 한국 최초 5G 자율주행차 복잡한 서울 도심 주행 성공]

311LG유플러스와 한양대가 함께 개발한 5G 자율주행차가 서울 도심 주행 테스트에 성공해 세계적으로 주목을 받고 있습니다. 복잡한 서울 도심에서 25분간 8km의 주행을 무사히 마쳤다고 하는데요.

이번에 LG유플러스와 한양대가 선보인 5G 자율주행차의 명칭은에이원(A1)’으로, 미국 자동차 공학회(SAE) 분류 기준 중 4단계고도 자율주행수준의 기술을 지닌 것으로 확인됐습니다. 이는 운전자의 개입 없이 스스로 주행 가능한 단계를 뜻하죠.

큐브 인텔리전스에서 개발하고 테스트를 진행 중인 자율주행차량인 ‘Cube Self Driving Car’SAE 분류 기준 3단계인조건부 자율주행수준으로 개발이 되었습니다. 큐브는 LG U+의 자율주행차량처럼 주행 속도가 빠르고 복잡한 도로에서의 자율주행이 아닌, 주차장 입구에서 주차 장소까지의 자율주행주차(Autonomous Valet Parking; AVP)를 테마로 개발하고 있죠.

LG유플러스 관계자는 이번 기술 소개를 하며 자율주행차가 대중화되면 각각의 차량들이 감지하는 현장 교통 정보를 관제센터에 전송하고, 관제센터에서는 이를 기반으로 다시 각 자동차에 최적 주행 경로를 실시간으로 내려줘 교통 흐름을 원활하게 돕는다고 설명했는데요. 이어서 수백만대의 차량과 대용량 정보를 실시간으로 주고받기 위해서는 데이터 고속도로라 할 수 있는 5G 통신망이 필수적이다라고 강조했습니다.

앞으로 오늘 발표된 5G 기술을 기반으로 한 자율주행차 시대가 열리면, 그동안 영화 속에서 상상으로만 그려졌던 모습이 현실에서 이뤄질 것으로 예상이 되는데요. 바로 자동차 안에서 운전대를 잡지 않은 채 다양한 일상생활을 즐기고 업무를 처리할 수 있게 되는 것이죠. 자동차 안이 또 하나의 일상생활을 하는 공간이 될 그날을 생각하는 것 만으로도 가슴이 설렙니다.

이런 자율주행차 기술은 5G 통신망의 힘을 입어 더욱 훌륭한 기술로 발전하고 있는데요. 사람을 싣고 달리는 자율주행차인 만큼 보안보다 더 중요한 것이 없겠죠? 큐브 인텔리전스는 세계 최초로 블록체인을 이용해 차량의 보안을 유지하는 솔루션을 개발하고 있습니다. 5G 기술과 더불어 AI, 블록체인 등을 이용해 발전하는 자율주행차 산업과 큐브의 미래를 계속해서 기대해주세요.