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[DRIVE] Chuseok holiday: Highway driving, safe driving this year! | 추석 연휴: 고속도로 운전, 올해도 안전운전!

This Chuseok holiday is four days. More than 1 million people go on overseas trips during the holidays every year, but since it is a shorter holiday than usual, there will likely be far more people returning to their hometowns through highway driving with their families.

During holidays and holidays, the driver can't hide the psychological phenomenon that he or she wants to go as fast as possible to reduce driving time with excitement and overflowing emotions.
* Driving like this is a shortcut to traffic accidents.

If the traffic jam continues for a long time and the road situation becomes smooth for an instant, it can speed up due to a sense of urgency and compensation, which can lead to a major traffic accident.

The most dangerous thing on your way home is a drowsy driving. Driving while feeling tired will expose the driver to sleepiness without realizing it.

Therefore, it is common to refrain from drinking and engaging in activities by considering travel schedules without overworkin…

[CUBE NEWS] Samsung vs LG, the Beginning of Smartphone Wallet War?

Many of our readers and blockchain enthusiasts might have read the news that Samsung Electronics unveiled 'Galaxy S10 Unpacking' on February 20 (local time) in San Francisco, USA.

It was the ‘Galaxy Fold’ that got the biggest attention on the day. The foldable phone that naturally folded inside was more than enough to elicit participants' exclamation. It was a total intensifier of Samsung’s technology that they have accumulated so far.

And another, with this distinctive innovation that caught everyone's attention, Samsung quietly introduced a new cryptocurrency wallet. It is the 'Samsung Blockchain Keystore' which is mounted on the Galaxy S10.

Blockchain Keystore means the base where you can use or store cryptocurrency. Samsung Electronics is registering trademark rights to the European Patent Office in 2018, and it is the feature that attracted attention as 'Samsung cryptocurrency wallet'. It was the moment when rumors turned out to be truth.

But until two weeks after the announcement, Samsung did not disclose the details of the 'Blockchain Keystore'. More information will be available after March 8, when the Galaxy S10 is released.

As opposed to Samsung's announcement, LG Electronics is also planning to introduce a blockchain technology in future smartphones. According to industry sources, LG Electronics recently requested a meeting aimed at strategic alliances with several block chain startups.

Currently, LG Group is joining all of the world's top three blockchain consortiums, and is concentrating its energy and investment on research and development of blockchain technology. We all need to continue to pay attention to the new challenges and movements of the smartphone market in the future.

(Below is the same content in Korean.)

[삼성 VS LG, 스마트폰 전자지갑 전쟁 시작?]

삼성전자가 2 20(현지시간) 미국 샌프란시스코에서 진행한갤럭시S10 언팩행사. 많은 분들이 뉴스 기사를 통해 보셨을 텐데요.

이날 가장 큰 주목을 받은 건 단연 '갤럭시 폴드' 제품이었죠. 자연스럽게 안으로 접히는 폴더블폰은 참가자들의 탄성을 자아냈습니다. 지금까지 쌓아 온 삼성 기술의 총집약체라 할 만했죠.

그리고 또 한 가지, 모두의 시선을 사로잡은 이 뚜렷한 혁신 기술 소개와 함께 삼성은 조용히 암호화폐(가상화폐) 지갑을 선보였는데요. 바로 갤럭시S10에 탑재된삼성 블록체인 키스토어입니다.

블록체인 키스토어는 삼성전자의 자체 암호화폐 지갑으로, 기존의 암호화폐를 사용할 수 있는 기반을 뜻하는데요. 삼성전자가 지난 2018년 유럽 특허청에 상표권을 등록하면서삼성표 암호화폐 지갑으로 주목받은 그 기능인데요. 무성했던 소문이 실체로 드러나는 순간이었죠.

하지만 발표 2주가 지난 지금 시점까지 삼성은 '블록체인 키스토어'의 세부 내용을 공개하지 않았습니다. 자세한 정보는 갤럭시S10이 출시되는 3 8일 이후 확인할 수 있을 듯합니다.

이런 삼성의 발표에 맞서듯 LG전자 역시 앞으로 발표할 스마트폰에 블록체인 기술을 탑재하는 방안을 추진 중이라고 하는데요. 업계 관계자에 따르면 LG전자는 최근 몇몇 블록체인 스타트업 기업에 전략적 제휴를 목표로 한 미팅을 요청한 것으로 알려졌습니다.

현재 LG그룹은 세계 TOP3 블록체인 컨소시엄에 모두 가입한 상태로, 최근 블록체인 기술 연구와 개발에 에너지와 투자를 집중하고 있다고 하네요. 앞으로 스마트폰 시장의 새로운 도전과 움직임을 계속해서 주목해봐야겠습니다.