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[CUBE NEWS] Seoul City to Invest 1.2 Million Dollars in Building Smart City | 서울시, 스마트 시티 조성에 1조 4000억원 투자

Seoul City is expected to transform itself into a smart city with 50,000 IoT sensors operated by 2022. On April 13, Seoul Mayor Won-soon Park announced his plan to invest 1.4 trillion won (≒ 1.2 million USD) by 2022 to create a smart city.
The core of smart city stressed by Mayor Park Won-soon on the same day is big data. The plan was to expand to 'smart administration' that collects urban data with 50,000 IoT sensors and establishes optimal policies for citizens' needs. In particular, the company said it will also establish a 'private, and public big data platform' by 2020 for joint use with private big data companies such as finance, distribution, portals and telecommunications.

In the transportation sector, the company will introduce 'IoT Shared Parking System' that checks whether a car can be parked in real time with IoT technology, including the world's first 5G Converged Self-driving Test Bed, and 'AI Taxi' service that connects drivers an…

[CUBE NEWS] Cube AI participated in Podium Star

Cube AI participated in Podium Star - Pitch your startup to Techstars & Kakao Ventures on March 27th. (sponsored by 'Techstars', 'Kakao Ventures', 'Google Ventures', 'G3 Partners')
At this meeting, Cube AI presented its introduction of autonomous valet parking system which is Cube's own development, presented market situation, development contents that Cube AI has been proceeding so far and direction to go forward.

(Below is the same content in Korean.)
큐브 AI는 지난 3월 27일 Podium Star - Pitch your startup to Techstars & Kakao Ventures('Techstars', 'Kakao Ventures', 'Google Ventures', 'G3 Partners' 주최) 행사에 참여해 발표를 진행했습니다.
이 자리에서 큐브 AI는 자체 개발 중인 자율발렛시스템 기술에 관한 소개와 현재 시장 상황, 그리고 큐브AI가 지금까지 진행해온 개발 내용과 앞으로 나아갈 방향에 대해 소개했습니다.