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[DRIVE] Chuseok holiday: Highway driving, safe driving this year! | 추석 연휴: 고속도로 운전, 올해도 안전운전!

This Chuseok holiday is four days. More than 1 million people go on overseas trips during the holidays every year, but since it is a shorter holiday than usual, there will likely be far more people returning to their hometowns through highway driving with their families.

During holidays and holidays, the driver can't hide the psychological phenomenon that he or she wants to go as fast as possible to reduce driving time with excitement and overflowing emotions.
* Driving like this is a shortcut to traffic accidents.

If the traffic jam continues for a long time and the road situation becomes smooth for an instant, it can speed up due to a sense of urgency and compensation, which can lead to a major traffic accident.

The most dangerous thing on your way home is a drowsy driving. Driving while feeling tired will expose the driver to sleepiness without realizing it.

Therefore, it is common to refrain from drinking and engaging in activities by considering travel schedules without overworkin…

[CUBE PAPER] Development of Sejong-LA and Smart City to Expand Exchanges | 세종-LA, 스마트시티 분야 교류 확대 추진

* [Cube Intelligence] introduces news related to Cube's business pillars. We are now sharing you the full content of the published article along with the source.

[Development of Sejong-LA and Smart City to Expand Exchanges]

Chungcheong News
Choi Hyung Soon

Lee Kang-jin, vice mayor for political affairs at Sejong City, met with Ted Ross, deputy chief of the Department of Information and Communication of Los Angeles, on Thursday to discuss ways to form a consultative body between South Korea and the U.S. Smart City and cooperate on mutual exchanges.

Ross is the chief information officer of the Los Angeles city government and general manager of the ITA, and was in Seoul to attend a local academic event on smart city at Yonsei University in Seoul on May 15.

Vice mayor Lee Kang-jin explained the current situation of the 5-1 national demonstration city with Sejong City and discussed ways to share experiences and cooperate with Korean and U.S. smart city officials.

In response, Ross expressed his desire to form a consultative body such as the Korea-U.S. Smart City Alliance in the future to materialize exchange and cooperation measures.

"The city of Los Angeles is a place where various digital services are being implemented and is considered a leader in smart cities in the U.S. We will make more efforts to implement smart city technologies that contribute to improving the lives of citizens through exchanges and cooperation between Sejong City and Los Angeles," said Vice Mayor Lee Kang-jin.

Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Lee Kang-jin officially invited Ross to the "First Sejong Smart City International Forum" to be held in Sejong next year.

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(Below is the same content in Korean.)

* [큐브 인텔리전스]에서 진행, 기획 중인 사업과 관련된 뉴스를 소개합니다. 공개된 기사 내용 전문을 출처와 함께 전해드립니다.

[세종-LA, 스마트시티 분야 교류 확대 추진]

최형순 기자

이강진 세종시 정무부시장이 17일 테드 로스(Ted Ross) 미국 로스엔젤레스 시 정보화 분야 부시장을 만나 한·미 스마트시티 간 협의체 구성 및 상호 교류 협력 방안을 논의했다.

로스 부시장은 로스앤젤레스 시의 최고 정보 책임자(CIO)이자 정보기술청(ITA)의 총책임자로, 지난 15일 서울 연세대학교에서 열린 스마트시티 관련 국내 학술행사에 참석하기 위해 방한했다.

이강진 부시장은 로스 부시장을 접견한 자리에서 세종시와 5-1생활권 국가시범도시 현황을 설명하고 한·미 스마트도시 관계자 상호 경험 공유 및 협력 방안을 논의했다.

이에 대해 로스 부시장은 향후 한미 스마트시티연합과 같은 협의체를 구성해 교류 협력 방안을 구체화해 나가고 싶다는 뜻을 밝혔다.

이강진 부시장은로스엔젤레스 시는 다양한 디지털 서비스를 시행중인 곳으로, 미국 내 스마트시티 분야 선두주자로 꼽힌다면서앞으로 세종시-로스엔젤레스시 간 교류 협력을 통해 시민의 삶 개선에 기여하는 스마트시티 기술 구현에 더욱 노력하겠다고 말했다.

한편, 이날 접견에서 이강진 부시장은 내년 세종에서 열리는1회 세종 스마트시티 국제 포럼에 로스 부시장을 정식 초청했다.

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