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[SMART CITY] 100 Smart City? India’s mission | 스마트시티가 100개? 인도의 미션

1. Smart City Mission in India

I worked in Mumbai, India for about two years. So, I am always interested in and paying attention to the changes in India. India has so much potential that all experts call Post-China.
The same goes for urban planning and smart city areas. Since taking office in 2014, Indian Prime Minister Modi has announced plans to build 100 smart cities across India by 2022 to boost economic growth and improve people's quality of life. It announced policy guidelines in 2015, with 100 cities selected on a total of five occasions from 2016 to June 2018. Because India has individual policies, bills, culture and language in each region, development is carried out according to the situation of each local government, not in a centralized way. According to the Indian government's announcement, about 100 million people across India will be affected by the development of 100 cities, with the estimated amount of money currently being injected into the project reaching abo…

[CUBE PAPER] SKT makes 5G self-driving smart city of Incheon Free Economic Zone | SKT, 인천경제자유구역 5G 자율주행 스마트시티로 만든다

* [Cube Intelligence] introduces news related to Cube's business pillars. We are now sharing you the full content of the published article along with the source.
[SKT Makes 5G Self-Driving Smart City at Incheon Free Economic Zone]
Yonhap News Agency Chae Saerom Reporter / 2019.04.29
Agreement with Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority...Building HD Map in Songdo within this year
The Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ), which is the "Korea's No. 1" free economic zone, will be transformed into a 5G smart city. SK Telecom [017670] made an announcement on the 29th that its ICT technology center chief Park Jin-hyo and IFEZ chief Kim Jin-yong signed a business agreement to establish 5G-based self-driving infrastructure and nurture related industries at Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority in Songdo-dong, Incheon.

SK Telecom has decided to start building 5G-based HD maps (ultra-precision maps) in Songdo International City within this year, and build HD maps througho…

[CUBE NEWS] Monthly Report April 2019

Hello, this is Cube Intelligence.
How are you doing on such a warm spring day? We hope you enjoy pleasant spring days at your work, and we are happy to share with you the news from Cube in April.
(* This April report is less than the previous one we've been introducing for the past months. In the last month of April, Cube has been focusing a lot on actually pushing forward a lot of things internally rather than on external events, and it's been a busier month than ever since. We are sorry we haven't been able to tell you abundant news right away, but we'll continue to do our best to keep you informed of the good news soon. We'll be back with more and better news next month.)
April 2nd Visited the Cube’s self-driving test site (Incheon, Korea) and discussed future cooperation with ‘A’ telecommunication agency.
10-Apr Attended [Data Voucher Business Presentation and Data Matching Day] hosted by the Ministry of Science, Information, Communication and Technology and the Kor…

[CUBE PAPER] Blockchain as a Prerequisite...Comes Up as a ‘Game Changer’ in the Traditional Industry | 필수 기술 된 블록체인…전통산업 '게임 체인저'로 떠올라

* [Cube Intelligence] introduces news related to Cube's business pillars. We are now sharing you the full content of the published article along with the source.
[Blockchain as a Prerequisite... Comes Up as a ‘Game Changer’ in the Traditional Industry]
Financial News reporter Heo Jun 2019.04.28
Wal-Mart, along with IBM, introduced "Food Trust," a blockchain-based food supply chain network. Blockchain technology has become a game changer that changes the competitive structure of traditional industries by combining them with traditional industries such as shipping, distribution and finance. Dinosaur companies in traditional industries are actively exploiting the advantages of blockchain technology, which allows them to stop printing paper-based documents, ease the hassle of having to check each person, and increase credibility by preventing forgery of documents.
As blockchain technology has become a "game changer" for traditional industries, large …

[CUBE PAPER] Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport is Also Actively Engaged in Securing Security Technologies for Commercialization of Autonomous Vehicles | 국토부, 자율주행차 상용화 위한 보안 기술 확보에도 적극 나서

* [Cube Intelligence] introduces news related to Cube's business pillars. We are now sharing you the full content of the published article along with the source.
[ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport is Also Actively Engaged in Securing Security Technologies for Commercialization of Autonomous Vehicles ]
Security News Kim Jin-hoo, an official at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's high-tech automotive technology division, or 2019.04.23
The "Act on the Promotion and Support of Commercialization of Self-driving Cars" passed the National Assembly's plenary session on April 5. Self-driving cars are an area that the government is focusing on as a driving force for innovative growth, and it is working hard to improve the system and expand infrastructure for commercialization on an equal level with advanced countries.
Through the revision of the "Car Management Act" in 2015, 62 self-driving cars have now been licensed t…

[CUBE PAPER] Google Waymo to start production in Detroit in the middle of this year | '자율주행차 시대 성큼' 구글 웨이모, 디트로이트 공장서 올 중반부터 생산개시

* [Cube Intelligence] introduces news related to Cube's business pilars. We are now sharing you the full content of the published article along with the source.

[Google Waymo to start production in Detroit in the middle of this year]
M Auto Daily Lee Sang Won Reporter 2019.04.24
Google Waymo, the leader of self-driving cars, said it will start mass-producing self-driving cars in Detroit in the middle of this year.
WaymoLLC, Google's self-driving affiliate that is leading the development of self-driving cars, has secured a plant in Detroit, the United States.
Waymo LC is currently on the verge of completing its self-driving system based on Chrysler's Pacifica.

The Google Alphabet said Monday that Waymo had chosen the American Axle Plant in Detroit as one of the first plants to produce fully autonomous cars for cars.
Waymo said it will invest up to 13.6 million U.S. dollars (15.54 billion won) in the plant and install production facilities for autonomous vehicles.
The plant is home…

[CUBE NEWS] Seoul City to Invest 1.2 Million Dollars in Building Smart City | 서울시, 스마트 시티 조성에 1조 4000억원 투자

Seoul City is expected to transform itself into a smart city with 50,000 IoT sensors operated by 2022. On April 13, Seoul Mayor Won-soon Park announced his plan to invest 1.4 trillion won (≒ 1.2 million USD) by 2022 to create a smart city.
The core of smart city stressed by Mayor Park Won-soon on the same day is big data. The plan was to expand to 'smart administration' that collects urban data with 50,000 IoT sensors and establishes optimal policies for citizens' needs. In particular, the company said it will also establish a 'private, and public big data platform' by 2020 for joint use with private big data companies such as finance, distribution, portals and telecommunications.

In the transportation sector, the company will introduce 'IoT Shared Parking System' that checks whether a car can be parked in real time with IoT technology, including the world's first 5G Converged Self-driving Test Bed, and 'AI Taxi' service that connects drivers an…

[CUBE NEWS] 'Blockchain' Ecosystem, Expanding to Public Services | '블록체인' 생태계, 공공 서비스까지 확장

Recently, the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) announced that it has completed selecting a contractor for this year's blockchain public leading pilot projects with the Ministry of Science and Technology and Information and Communication. As a result, blockchain technology will be introduced to help local governments respond to disasters quickly, protect the rights of part-time workers, and ensure the transparency of the government's public services and government.

In addition, the blockchain public initiative has increased its funding from six projects last year to 12 this year and has expanded its budget from 3.5 million USD to 7.5 million USD. In March, a total of 32 companies were selected to carry out 12 projects for this year's pilot project. Thus, the National Archives and Records Administration plans to use blockchain technology for real-time sharing among the records management institutions of standard electronic documents.
The Defense Acquisition Program…

[CUBE NEWS] The Advent of Smart City with '5G' Commercialization | 5G 상용화로 한발 다가선 스마트시티의 도래

With the recent commercialization of 5G technology, Korea has the world's first '5G era.' 5G mobile telecommunication is called as a catalyst that can promote changes in various industries beyond the evolution of the telecommunication generation and is regarded as a representative ICT infrastructure that enables the fourth industrial revolution. Especially, ultra-connected society, artificial intelligence-based smart city, and intelligent information society, including IoT, which is considered the most important next-generation ICT trend, are also possible when 5G technology is based on this technology.

5G communication basically has technical features that can transcend voice and text communication tools over mobile phones. For data transmission capacity and speed, the difference between wired and wireless communication can be eliminated, and some can provide connectivity beyond wireline communication.
The main reason why 5G communication is so popular is that it enables …

[CUBE NEWS] Announcement of Master Plan for the Revitalization of Data and AI Economy by the Ministry of Science and Technology | 과기정통부, 데이터·AI 경제 활성화 마스터플랜 발표

The Ministry of Science, ICT and ICT recently announced its plan to achieve 30 trillion won in the data market and nurture 10 artificial intelligence (AI) unicorns by 2023 at the first Innovation Growth Strategy Conference. In addition, he said he would train 10,000 people in the data and artificial intelligence fields.
In order to promote the convergence of data and AI, we will focus on building infrastructure, improving systems, and creating demand for public sectors for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises. We will strengthen cooperation between large and medium-sized businesses by using data and AI, and develop new products and services using them. In this announcement, the government presented nine tasks such as activating the data value chain cycle, creating a world-class AI innovation ecosystem and promoting data AI convergence. Specifically, the government plans to build 10 big data platforms and organize and operate a big data network council to build quality data …

[CUBE NEWS] Blockchain Technology to be Introduced for the First Time in Real Estate Transaction Systems Starting Next Year | 내년부터 전자정부, 부동산 거래시스템에 블록체인 기술 첫 도입

The Ministry of Public Administration of Korea and Security and the Korea Information Society Agency announced that they will introduce blockchain in real estate transaction systems directly related to the people's property rights starting next year. Officials say they have prepared new e-government services to improve the administration of paper certificates, which are issued about 200 million times a year, and to prevent any kind of forgery or tampering in the transaction process.
‘Real Estate Public Book System’ is a comprehensive real estate information record/storage of land and building owners, land use, regulations, and real estate prices. In 2017, nearly 200 million certificates were issued. In the process, there were cases of forgery and alteration of paper certificates and cases of abuse of real estate crimes, and while looking for a solution, a comprehensive real estate public book system based on blockchain was established.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Tra…

[CUVE TV] Ep.2 part.1 What is Blockchain ?! | 블록체인이란 무엇인가 ?!

[CUBE NEWS] The Korean National Assembly's Passage of the Autonomous Vehicle Act, Expected to Promote Related Businesses | 자율주행차법 국회 통과로 관련 사업 촉진 전망

The Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MOLIT) announced on April 5 that the National Assembly has passed a bill on the Promotion and Support of Commercialization of Self-driving Cars (Autonomous vehicle Commercialization Act), which includes the definition of autonomous vehicles, safety driving bases and regulatory exemptions, and support measures that have been broken down according to the technical level. The law will go into effect a year after the promulgation.

Until now, the Automobile Management Act provided only the basis for definitions and temporary driving permits, but the institutional framework was incomplete. The legislation provides a legal basis for promoting the commercialization of autonomous vehicles and supporting related industries.

* South Korean President Moon Jae-in, takes a test drive in new hydrogen car. 2018.02.02.

If you look at the relevant laws in detail, we've first broken down the autonomous vehicle technology level. Depending on …

[CUBE NEWS] NH Nonghyup Bank, Launches the First ‘P2P Financial Certificate Blockchain Service’ | NH농협은행, 한국 은행권 최초 ‘P2P 금융증서 블록체인 서비스’ 출시

NH Nonghyup Bank recently launched 'P2P Financial Certificate Blockchain Service' for the first time in bank industry. "P2P Financial Certificate Blockchain Service" is a service that allows you to view the certificate of principal and interest receipt of investors of P2P finance (interpersonal transaction) through the application with NH smart bill.

The certificate of principal and interest receipt is a document that records the investment principal and interest to be paid by the P2P financial institution to the investor. It is now e-mailed or faxed by the investor or posted on the web page. Technology has made it easier and more convenient for users to check their investment rights through app.
Richard Biggs, CEO of Cube Intelligence, said: "Recently, we have been using blockchain technology in a variety of fields such as medical, healthcare, automotive, and finance. "Cube Intelligence will continue to strive to develop safe and convenient technologies bas…