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[CUBE NEWS] Cube's Q4 Report for 2023

  Cube Intelligence 2023 4Q Progress Hello, this is Cube Intelligence. We will present the 4Q report for 2023 to you.   Here's an announcement about what happened at Cube Intelligence during the fourth quarter of 2023. I will do my best to produce good results even in difficult situations. Thank you.   October 4 Meeting with the Traffic Administration Division of City 'A' regarding collaboration and coordination with our company.   October 6 Meeting with working-level staff of the Urban Regeneration Division of 'B' City on our control system.   October 7 Meeting with the 'C' Fund for due diligence related to business matters.   October 11 Consultation meeting with team leader of 'D' company regarding project progress.   October 12 Meeting with the head of 'E' construction to introduce our system control system.   October 13 Consultation on introducing our system with the working-level staff of the 'F' City Hall Park Green and Green De

[CUBE NEWS] Cube's Q2 Report for 2022

  Cube Intelligence 2022 2Q Progress Hello, this is Cube Intelligence. We present to you the 2Q report for 2022.   April 1 Meeting with CEO of Crypto Fund company ‘A’ April 7 Meeting with Technology Investment Company ‘B’ April 8 System Design Meeting with Director of Company ‘B’ April 8 Joint business consultation meeting with mobility company ‘C’ April 11 2nd meeting with Technology Investment Company ‘B’ April 21 Consulting meeting with a professor at ‘D’ University April 25 OEM production meeting with company ‘E'’s representative April 27 Meeting with Company ‘E’ May 4 Company ‘F’'s director visits cube company May 11 Self-driving Parking Type 2 Business Meeting May 11 Meeting on cooperation plan with the representative of ‘F’ company May 17 Investment meeting with ‘G’ Asset May 26 Jeju Island Sales Dealers Meeting May 31 Conducting a meeting with the representative of ‘H’ company regarding the Ganghwa Island project June 8 Self-driving valet parking business meeting with C