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[SMART CITY] 100 Smart City? India’s mission | 스마트시티가 100개? 인도의 미션

1. Smart City Mission in India

I worked in Mumbai, India for about two years. So, I am always interested in and paying attention to the changes in India. India has so much potential that all experts call Post-China.
The same goes for urban planning and smart city areas. Since taking office in 2014, Indian Prime Minister Modi has announced plans to build 100 smart cities across India by 2022 to boost economic growth and improve people's quality of life. It announced policy guidelines in 2015, with 100 cities selected on a total of five occasions from 2016 to June 2018. Because India has individual policies, bills, culture and language in each region, development is carried out according to the situation of each local government, not in a centralized way. According to the Indian government's announcement, about 100 million people across India will be affected by the development of 100 cities, with the estimated amount of money currently being injected into the project reaching abo…
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[PARKING] I don't like illegal parking. | 불법주차가 싫어요

Hell Road

Our neighborhood alley is always a hopeless road where illegal parking is casual.

On a dark night, vehicles were illegally parked at each end of the two-lane road and passing through between. Two light cars faced two RVs in a narrow space barely enough to pass, and one faced a backward step. If it was a two-lane road with no illegal parking vehicles, it would naturally pass comfortably, but it was not. He was forced to advance so that the opposing vehicle could pass by, but he was faced with an old man in dark clothes and jaywalking. Fortunately, I didn't lead to an accident, but everything was mixed up, including the fact that I had become an accident-inducing person, and the image of a collapsed old man, which hit my brain. This incident has further worsened the perception of illegally parked vehicles.
Illegal parking is not a recent issue; it has long been a national problem since cars were activated. Many efforts are being made to prevent illegal parking, such as patrol…

[FURTURE CAR] What Would My Future Car Look Like? | 내 차의 미래는 어떤 모습일까?

What Would My Future Car Look Like?
(▣ This article is written by a staff of Cube Intelligence. It may contain personal opinions and we will inform you in advance that this article does not represent the opinions of Cube Intelligence.)
We are living in a world that is changing at a pace that no other era has experienced. While changes in various areas are occurring at this moment, I would like to note the changes taking place in ‘human’s movement,' or mobility.
Humans must 'move' by the needs of different causes and thus humans have created cars. As the level of human technology developed, cars began to be equipped with computers, and as the level of human consciousness increased, cars abandoned gasoline and began to move by electricity.
Changes in movement are not only seen in cars. When public transportation, such as buses and subways, moves human beings to deploy public bicycles, motorized kickboards, etc. on the roads where many people travel in order to solve the somewhat…

[CUBE NEWS] Cube's September 2019 Monthly Report | 2019년 9월 먼슬리 리포트

Hello community, this is Cube Intelligence. Greetings to you. We would like to encourage everyone who is with Cube to spend days and months together. Here is Cube’s September 2019 progress updates.
September 02 - Started investigation on India’s premium shared vehicle market and current market competitors. - Started research on target market demand and identify needs in India.
September 04 – 11 - Participated and threw a speech at IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) in Berlin, Germany.
September 06 - Distributed sketch videos from EDC festivals.
September 09 - Launched ‘Papa Golf Service’ (
September 10 - Announced Autonomous Valet Parking system for testbed business.
September 16 – 20 - Cube got invited and had a speech session at ‘Turkey TAKEOFF ISTANBUL’ event, hosted by Google.
September 16 - Had a meeting with Korean conglomerate ‘A’ on connecting Cube’s Smart Parking System and A’s Smart Home system.