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[CUBE] Notice on the Whitepaper Updates | 큐브 백서 업데이트 알림

We inform you that there has been some changes to our whitepaper from official website:

1. The "Expansion of Project Scope" section has been added.
- To reflect our commitment to creating value for token holders by expanding the use case of Cube tokens, we have added a section on ongoing projects and a section on token economy.

2. A new "Appendix" section has been created.
- Much of the technical aspects, including Synapse, have been moved to the "appendix" section to increase the White Paper's readability.

3. In addition, we ran a basic editing to correct typos

Click here to check out whitepaper

(Below is the same content in Korean.)

안녕하세요, 백서 상 약간의 수정사항이 있었으며 이에 따라 큐브 커뮤니티 회원분들께 안내 드립니다:

1. "Expansion of Project Scope" 섹션이 추가 되었습니다.
- Cube 토큰의 사용 사례를 확대하여 토큰 홀더들에 대한 가치창출을 하겠다는 당사의 의지를 반영하기 위해 현재 진행 중인 사업들에 대한 내용과 토큰 이코노미에 대한 섹션을 추가하였습니다.

2. "Appendix" 영역을 신규 생성하였습니다.
- Synapse를 비롯한 기술적인 부분의 상당 부분을 부록으로 이동하여…
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[CAR-DRIVING] the aftermath of a car accident that is more frightening than the moment of a car accident. |

Cars are indispensable to modern people's lives. It is convenient and necessary, but it is always exposed to the danger of traffic accidents. Traffic accidents cause external disturbances such as physical damage, but often lead to psychological disorders. In the past, it used to be easy to overcome physical problems such as CT and MRI, but these days, data on psychological disorders such as airport disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder are accumulating, and the importance is emphasized even more.

Special care is needed because the aftereffects of traffic accidents can occur in the future even if there are no symptoms or trauma felt right after the accident.
At the time of a car accident, the body may not be aware of the pain because of excessive tension just before the accident.
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[CUBE NEWS] Cube's October 2019 Monthly Report | 2019년 10월 먼슬리 리포트

Dear Cube enthusiasts,

Here are the lists of what happened at Cube during October 2019.

Oct 1

- Papa expanded the service area in Seoul Metropolitan areas.

Oct 1

- Participated in ‘Startups Meet German Grownups’ event and announced about Cube Business (German Grownups: BMW, Bayer)

Oct 2 - 26

- Team Griffin played for League of Legend World Championship.

Oct 7

- Korean conglomerate visited at Cube Seoul office and had a working-level meeting

Oct 8

- Promotion partnership with a professional advertising agency and started an outdoor LED screen advertisement.

※ Location: Seoul Express Terminal, Gwanghwamun, Nonhyeon Station, and Edae Station

Oct 8

- Papa started ‘re-gram‘ promotion event

Oct 8

- Participated in ‘Korea-South America Startups Pitch Day’.

Oct 11

- Papa started ‘Friends Invitation’ event

Oct 13

- Papa started ‘App Review Event’

Oct 15

- Participated in a meeting on ICT startup development projects hosted by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT

Oct 16

- Participated in ‘K-Startup Drive 2019’

Oct 17

[SMART CITY] Current Status of Smart City in South Korea | 대한민국 스마트시티의 현주소

1. Smart City with the Technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Smart City is the place where emerging technologies can be built intensively during the 4th Industrial Revolution and used in the real-life of citizens. A smart city refers to a city that operates itself efficiently and provides a safe and prosperous life for its citizens by building smart platforms with the latest ICTs, such as the Internet of Things, Cyber Physics Systems (CPS), and big data solutions. On Dec. 26 last year, South Korea's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport designated "Sejong 5-1 Living Area" and "Busan Eco-Delta City" as pilot cities for smart cities. To present a leading model for future smart cities in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, the government has been focusing on innovative growth initiatives since January this year. Smart City aims to solve city problems in various fields, including transportation, education, healthcare, energy, environment …

[SELF-DRIVING] Self-driving car accident, responsibility? | 자율주행차 사고, 책임은?

Previously, I heard that a self-driving car being tested at Google caused the accident for the first time due to its own mistakes. But this is a very important thing that will soon come to us, too. Due to various circumstances, complex and delicate contents are included.
The development of many self-driving cars is also in full swing in Korea.
Hyundai Motor Company's Genesis EQ recently tested self-driving cars on the road and Samsung Electronics and KT have started developing technologies for self-driving cars.
The government plans to help commercialize self-driving cars in Korea by 2020. I think the problem related to negligence will become an issue soon in Korea as well.
Who is responsible for this kind of self-driving accident?
Currently, cars still have partial self-driving functions. This technology is used to keep the car moving along the lane, or to adjust the speed of the set value by itself.

If an accident occurs during an automatic parking lot, the driver is basically held res…