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[CUBE NEWS] Blockchain will be the key to realizing shared economy | "블록체인은 공유경제 실현의 키(Key) 될 것"

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Blockchain will be the key to realizing shared economy
Shared economy is a citizen-centered economic and social phenomenon. 'Square Internet' to Increase Social and Economic Value
Mobile service has emerged as an issue as rental car call service providers such as ‘Tada’ and ‘Papa’ are in conflict with taxi unions. Until now, the Korean taxi industry has been at odds with car-moving services such as Uber and car-sharing companies for their own cars.
Last month, the government announced a shared-based platform taxi system and even came up with a plan to revamp it. However, experts say that the government's plan stayed within the framework of the existing taxi industry. This is because it has tarnished the meaning of vehicle sharing services by hav…
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[CUBE NEWS] Cube's July 2019 Monthly Report | 2019년 7월 먼슬리 리포트

Hello, Cube community, This is Cube Intelligence. We hope all of you are well. We are sharing Cube’s news in July.
01 July [Cube Intelligence] Updated wallet function of Cube Box Android app
04 July [Cube AI] Attended a meeting of a consultative body on data sharing for the development of self-driving car technology. [Cube Car] Papa held a marketing event, at Jangchung Stadium, as Team Griffin's sponsor at an international e-sports event 'Rift Rivals' (witnessed 20 million concurrent views).
11 July [Cube AI] Demonstrated and discussed on self-driving parking system with Korean Tier 1 Company ‘A’. [Cube Car] Papa confirmed a strategic collaboration with EDC Festival (8/31~9/1). - Providing a protocol service to Wengie (Youtuber) for visiting Korea. - Mobility service provided to EDC Festival’s VVIP customers.
21 July [Cube Intelligence] Updated wallet function of Cube Box iOS app.
24 July [Cube AI] Had a pitch session about Autonomous Valet Parking and Smart Parking Solution at True-Innova…

[CUBE NEWS] The Future of Blockchain 5) Blockchain technology and economy | 블록체인의 미래 5) 블록체인 기술과 경제

5) Blockchain technology and economy
1. Industry: Streamline collaboration through technology of trust
Blockchain, Protocol of Trust based on Transparency Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott, who have written books called ‘The Blockchain Revolution’, refer to blockchain as a protocol of trust. "This protocol instills trust among finite beings through clever rules. This was unprecedented. A credible deal has been reached between two or more parties. In addition, these deals, and individuals operating on a set of their own, the Commission the total points acquired. mass collaboration to ensure the integrity of the deal through."
As we mentioned earlier, the global financial crisis in September 2008 is behind Satoshi Nakamoto's proposal for "bitcoin," the root of blockchain technology. The collapse of an investment bank called Lehman Brothers in the United States has caused financial turmoil around the world. The failure of financial institutions to guarantee currency and…

[CUBE NEWS] 68% of Seoul Citizens, " I Would Use Self-Driving Cars in Urban Transportation." | 서울 시민 “도심 통행수단, 자율주행차로 전환” 68%

[68% of Seoul Citizens, "I Would Use Self-Driving Cars in Urban Transportation."]

Herald Business
Han Ji-sook 2019.05.9

83.7 percent of car users, "I'll replace to autonomous vehicles." No. 1 reason for refusing to switch is 'road congestion'

A survey showed that 68 percent of the respondents said they would use self-driving cars instead of conventional vehicles to pass through the city.
The survey was conducted by the Seoul Institute to find out the impact of the spread of self-driving cars on the city's traffic system. For three weeks in May last year, the institute asked 1,000 city passers-by who used cars, public transportation and taxis, "If you buy a self-driving car, would you switch to a self-driving car when you drive downtown?"

According to the results of the survey on Tuesday, 68.3 percent of the respondents said they would use self-driving cars to travel through the city. Broken down by the means of transportation currently used, …

[CUBE NEWS] "More than 100 Locations in Five Years," The Blueprint for Smart City | “5년간 100곳 이상 지원”… 스마트시티 청사진 나왔다

["More than 100 Locations in Five Years," The Blueprint for Smart City]
Digital Times Ahn Kyung-ae 2019.06.23

Decide on the method of corporate and self-corporation 48 teams competing... Additional selection for next year The government's investment is expected to be 700 billion won.

Bae Sung-ho, head of the Urban Economy department at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT), announced the comprehensive plan at the public hearing for the third smart city comprehensive plan held at El Tower in Yangjae-dong, Seoul on Monday.

The government will push for the smart city project for more than 100 local governments over the next five years from this year. In addition, more than 25 of the cities subject to urban renewal projects, which will invest 50 trillion won by selecting 500 cities in decline across the country, will be created as smart cities.

MOLIT established the "2019-2023 Smart City Comprehensive Plan," which calls for such a plan, and held a …