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[CUBE NEWS] 'Blockchain' Ecosystem, Expanding to Public Services | '블록체인' 생태계, 공공 서비스까지 확장

Recently, the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) announced that it has completed selecting a contractor for this year's blockchain public leading pilot projects with the Ministry of Science and Technology and Information and Communication. As a result, blockchain technology will be introduced to help local governments respond to disasters quickly, protect the rights of part-time workers, and ensure the transparency of the government's public services and government.

In addition, the blockchain public initiative has increased its funding from six projects last year to 12 this year and has expanded its budget from 3.5 million USD to 7.5 million USD. In March, a total of 32 companies were selected to carry out 12 projects for this year's pilot project. Thus, the National Archives and Records Administration plans to use blockchain technology for real-time sharing among the records management institutions of standard electronic documents.
The Defense Acquisition Program…
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[CUBE NEWS] The Advent of Smart City with '5G' Commercialization | 5G 상용화로 한발 다가선 스마트시티의 도래

With the recent commercialization of 5G technology, Korea has the world's first '5G era.' 5G mobile telecommunication is called as a catalyst that can promote changes in various industries beyond the evolution of the telecommunication generation and is regarded as a representative ICT infrastructure that enables the fourth industrial revolution. Especially, ultra-connected society, artificial intelligence-based smart city, and intelligent information society, including IoT, which is considered the most important next-generation ICT trend, are also possible when 5G technology is based on this technology.

5G communication basically has technical features that can transcend voice and text communication tools over mobile phones. For data transmission capacity and speed, the difference between wired and wireless communication can be eliminated, and some can provide connectivity beyond wireline communication.
The main reason why 5G communication is so popular is that it enables …

[CUBE NEWS] Announcement of Master Plan for the Revitalization of Data and AI Economy by the Ministry of Science and Technology | 과기정통부, 데이터·AI 경제 활성화 마스터플랜 발표

The Ministry of Science, ICT and ICT recently announced its plan to achieve 30 trillion won in the data market and nurture 10 artificial intelligence (AI) unicorns by 2023 at the first Innovation Growth Strategy Conference. In addition, he said he would train 10,000 people in the data and artificial intelligence fields.
In order to promote the convergence of data and AI, we will focus on building infrastructure, improving systems, and creating demand for public sectors for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises. We will strengthen cooperation between large and medium-sized businesses by using data and AI, and develop new products and services using them. In this announcement, the government presented nine tasks such as activating the data value chain cycle, creating a world-class AI innovation ecosystem and promoting data AI convergence. Specifically, the government plans to build 10 big data platforms and organize and operate a big data network council to build quality data …

[CUBE NEWS] Blockchain Technology to be Introduced for the First Time in Real Estate Transaction Systems Starting Next Year | 내년부터 전자정부, 부동산 거래시스템에 블록체인 기술 첫 도입

The Ministry of Public Administration of Korea and Security and the Korea Information Society Agency announced that they will introduce blockchain in real estate transaction systems directly related to the people's property rights starting next year. Officials say they have prepared new e-government services to improve the administration of paper certificates, which are issued about 200 million times a year, and to prevent any kind of forgery or tampering in the transaction process.
‘Real Estate Public Book System’ is a comprehensive real estate information record/storage of land and building owners, land use, regulations, and real estate prices. In 2017, nearly 200 million certificates were issued. In the process, there were cases of forgery and alteration of paper certificates and cases of abuse of real estate crimes, and while looking for a solution, a comprehensive real estate public book system based on blockchain was established.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Tra…

[CUVE TV] Ep.2 part.1 What is Blockchain ?! | 블록체인이란 무엇인가 ?!

[CUBE NEWS] The Korean National Assembly's Passage of the Autonomous Vehicle Act, Expected to Promote Related Businesses | 자율주행차법 국회 통과로 관련 사업 촉진 전망

The Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MOLIT) announced on April 5 that the National Assembly has passed a bill on the Promotion and Support of Commercialization of Self-driving Cars (Autonomous vehicle Commercialization Act), which includes the definition of autonomous vehicles, safety driving bases and regulatory exemptions, and support measures that have been broken down according to the technical level. The law will go into effect a year after the promulgation.

Until now, the Automobile Management Act provided only the basis for definitions and temporary driving permits, but the institutional framework was incomplete. The legislation provides a legal basis for promoting the commercialization of autonomous vehicles and supporting related industries.

* South Korean President Moon Jae-in, takes a test drive in new hydrogen car. 2018.02.02.

If you look at the relevant laws in detail, we've first broken down the autonomous vehicle technology level. Depending on …

[CUBE NEWS] NH Nonghyup Bank, Launches the First ‘P2P Financial Certificate Blockchain Service’ | NH농협은행, 한국 은행권 최초 ‘P2P 금융증서 블록체인 서비스’ 출시

NH Nonghyup Bank recently launched 'P2P Financial Certificate Blockchain Service' for the first time in bank industry. "P2P Financial Certificate Blockchain Service" is a service that allows you to view the certificate of principal and interest receipt of investors of P2P finance (interpersonal transaction) through the application with NH smart bill.

The certificate of principal and interest receipt is a document that records the investment principal and interest to be paid by the P2P financial institution to the investor. It is now e-mailed or faxed by the investor or posted on the web page. Technology has made it easier and more convenient for users to check their investment rights through app.
Richard Biggs, CEO of Cube Intelligence, said: "Recently, we have been using blockchain technology in a variety of fields such as medical, healthcare, automotive, and finance. "Cube Intelligence will continue to strive to develop safe and convenient technologies bas…

[CUBE NEWS] Held Cube Tokyo meetup

March 26, Held Cube Tokyo meetup (Near Cube Tokyo office) About 30 participants participated in this event, and Cube had time to explain the business in Japan.
Cube Box, Cube Car, Autonomous Valet Parking were introduced, and had time to network and discuss ways to collaborate in the future.
Participants were government officials and construction workers, as well as former diplomats who were strongly influential throughout Japan. Further information about the attendees might be disclosed in case of future cooperation announcements.

지난 3월 26일 큐브 인텔리전스가 일본 도쿄 사무실을 중심으로 밋업을 진행 했습니다. 본 행사에는 약 30명 정도의 참가자가 참석하였으며, 큐브가 일본에서 하고자 하는 사업 내용에 대해 설명하는 시간을 가졌습니다. 
특히 Cube Box와 Cube Car, Autonomous Valet Parking에 대한 설명이 주를 이뤘으며, 참가자들과 네트워킹을 하며 향후 협력할 수 있는 방안 등에 대해 논의하는 시간을 가졌습니다.
참석하신 내빈으로는 일본 전국적으로 영향력 있는 전직 외교관을 비롯하여 정부 관계자, 건설사 직원 등이 있었습니다. 자세한 참가자에 대한 정보는 추후 협력 소식 등이 있을 경우 해당 관계에 대해 공개하도록 하겠습니다.

[CUBE NEWS] ‘Real Values’ in Blockchain Business After the 'Bubble' Popped | 거품 걷히니 보이는 블록체인 사업 속 숨겨진 옥석

In the global blockchain market, venture capitalists have invested about $3.9 billion in the past year. Investments are expected to continue to grow in the blockchain industry, and worldwide blockchain-related enterprises are expected to generate sales of approximately $6 billion by 2020 and $20 billion by 2030.
In this situation, the recent cryptocurrency market is a time when the bubble is bursting and the good blockchain technology and businesses are discovered. Particularly in many places, attempts to combine with various industries such as finance, security, medical, public, logistics, distribution, and energy are taking advantage of the blockchain technology that can reduce transaction costs and prevent forgery of data. The industry that exploits the advantages of this blockchain technology will affect everyday life from economic and social systems to lifestyle, and it is expected that it will bring big changes in users' daily lives.

Cube Intelligence is also investing in the …

[CUBE NEWS] Cube AI participated in Podium Star

Cube AI participated in Podium Star - Pitch your startup to Techstars & Kakao Ventures on March 27th. (sponsored by 'Techstars', 'Kakao Ventures', 'Google Ventures', 'G3 Partners') At this meeting, Cube AI presented its introduction of autonomous valet parking system which is Cube's own development, presented market situation, development contents that Cube AI has been proceeding so far and direction to go forward.

(Below is the same content in Korean.) 큐브 AI는 지난 3월 27일 Podium Star - Pitch your startup to Techstars & Kakao Ventures('Techstars', 'Kakao Ventures', 'Google Ventures', 'G3 Partners' 주최) 행사에 참여해 발표를 진행했습니다. 이 자리에서 큐브 AI는 자체 개발 중인 자율발렛시스템 기술에 관한 소개와 현재 시장 상황, 그리고 큐브AI가 지금까지 진행해온 개발 내용과 앞으로 나아갈 방향에 대해 소개했습니다.

[CUBE NEWS] Gyeonggi, 'Smart Mobility' Deregulation, 'Next Generation Transportation Revolution' Commences | 경기도 ‘스마트 모빌리티’ 규제 완화, ‘차세대 교통혁명’ 시동

Gyeonggi Province announced plans to distribute smart city mobility guideline in the city park in April. According to the announcement of Gyeonggi province on March 31, it is going to promote the smart mobility market with estimated budget about $23 billion, deregulate various regulations that had prevented the development of the smart mobility, and distribute a 'Smart Mobility Guideline' for promoting smart city.

Based on the "Guidelines for Smart Mobility in Urban Parks" to be announced by the government of Gyeonggi Province in the future, detailed guidelines such as regulations and sections of parks will be available in each city and county to enable the use of smart mobility in the park. At present, there is no applicable law, so smart mobility is not available in parks. 
The global market size of 'Smart Mobility', which is currently attracting attention as the two axes of the future transportation revolution to solve traffic problems in the city together w…