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[CUBE NEWS] Cube's June 2020 Monthly Report

Cube Monthly Report – June 2020

Hello this is Cube Intelligence.
We present you the monthly report of June 2020.

June 01 – 30

Researched the status of market competitors such as Uber and Ola that have been affected by COVID-19 and identified strategies to strengthen Papa India’s competitiveness.
Established countermeasures towards COVID-19 and implemented the operation plan for the second half of the year.

June 04

Discussed future cooperation plans for Papa with a Korean Council on Vehicles.

Jun 10

- Had a working level discussion with the Korean conglomerate ‘A’ on the production of smart parking lot equipment and future development issues.
- Got invited and participated in the Shared Transportation Forum (at Sheraton Seoul Palace Hotel).

June 11

Got an on-site inspection for PoC for parking platform business of the Korean conglomerate ‘B’

June 12

Had a meeting on future cooperation plans with the Korean enterprise ‘C’.

June 15

Had a discussion on future cooperation plans with the executive members …

[CUBE NEWS] Cube's December 2019 Monthly Report

Hello, this is Cube Intelligence. The end of 2019 is just around the corner. We wish you all the best in the year 2020. We will do our best to make further achievements in 2020 also. Below is the monthly report of December.
Dec 01 - Launched ‘Papa Time’. Papa Time is available during weekdays from  10 am – 5 pm (not operated on weekends).
Dec 04 - Started the Papa December app review event.
Dec 06 - Launched ‘Papa for Long Distance’. (10% discount coupon is given for every ride more than 10km.)
Dec 09 – 13 - Demonstration test of R&D with the conglomerate ‘A’.
Dec 09 - Participated in ‘Gyeonggi Province’s General Business Models for Shared Economy Forum’ and discussed to build shared economy models.
Dec 13 - Discussed the application of the state’s fleet management control system to the Guyana government. - Consulted with the conglomerate ‘B’ on entering Korean and the Middle East Asian smart parking markets.
Dec 16 - Attended at the business information session of a government-led project, ’2020 Smar…