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[CUBE] Notice on the Whitepaper Updates | 큐브 백서 업데이트 알림

We inform you that there has been some changes to our whitepaper from official website:

1. The "Expansion of Project Scope" section has been added.
- To reflect our commitment to creating value for token holders by expanding the use case of Cube tokens, we have added a section on ongoing projects and a section on token economy.

2. A new "Appendix" section has been created.
- Much of the technical aspects, including Synapse, have been moved to the "appendix" section to increase the White Paper's readability.

3. In addition, we ran a basic editing to correct typos

Click here to check out whitepaper

(Below is the same content in Korean.)

안녕하세요, 백서 상 약간의 수정사항이 있었으며 이에 따라 큐브 커뮤니티 회원분들께 안내 드립니다:

1. "Expansion of Project Scope" 섹션이 추가 되었습니다.
- Cube 토큰의 사용 사례를 확대하여 토큰 홀더들에 대한 가치창출을 하겠다는 당사의 의지를 반영하기 위해 현재 진행 중인 사업들에 대한 내용과 토큰 이코노미에 대한 섹션을 추가하였습니다.

2. "Appendix" 영역을 신규 생성하였습니다.
- Synapse를 비롯한 기술적인 부분의 상당 부분을 부록으로 이동하여…

[CUBE NEWS] Monthly Report March 2019

Hello, Cube Intelligence community members.

Spring has come and the cold winter has gone.

We hope everything goes well with you. Here are the monthly reports from Cube’s March.

March 07

MOU signed with global telecommunication company ‘A’.

March 08

First kickoff meeting with large blockchain enterprise ‘B’.

March 11

Cube AI participated in ‘Open Innovation Program’ for innovative technology/product startups sponsored by The Volkswagen Korea.

(Participation in the final face-to-face evaluation of the Volkswagen Korea x N15 Open Innovation Program)

March 12

Progress direction meeting (public-private joint project) and presentation of government project of the Republic of Korea.

(Consultation on the actual role and development of the government, police, research institutes and the IT industry in order to have road infrastructure for autonomous vehicles).

March 14

Cube token(AUTO) listed on Bithumb exchange.

March 14

The first episode of the new YouTube contents ‘Cube TV’ uploaded.


[CUBE NEWS] Cube AI's Autonomous Vehicles Technology in the Status of Autonomous Driving Industry and Market Trends | 자율주행 산업 현황과 시장의 흐름으로 살펴보는 큐브 AI의 자율주행차 기술

Recently, you might be often hearing articles about autonomous driving technology through various media such as TV news, online contents and newspapers. Cube Intelligence is also applying its vision and deep-learning technologies to autonomous driving research and development.
The technology that Cube Intelligence concentrates on is the development of autonomous valet parking (AVP) for self-driving cars. Cube is developing a technology to park cars into empty spaces unmanned even in the underground parking lots where GPS cannot reach, and have applied for related patents.

Recently, the interest of many related companies is focused on the technology of Cube. What is the current state of technology development and market trend of autonomous vehicles?
According to experts' analysis, automobile ownership ratio will decrease by 90% and taxi-related industry will increase by 3~4 times by 2030 as autonomous vehicle supply increases. Ninety percent of the parking lots currently in use will …

[CUBE NEWS] Seoul Ranked 2nd Place in Potential Cities for Future Mobility | 미래 모빌리티 발전 가능성 도시에 서울이 2위로 선정

Frost & Sullivan, an American business consulting firm, recently announced the analysis of Korea's traffic flow, characteristics, and problems as well as its potential to grow as a future eco-friendly mobility city.

Vivek Bijja, Vice President of Future City Mobility Analysis of Frost & Sullivan, delivered the results of 100 cities in consideration of traffic flow, citizens' standard of living and awareness at 'Nissan Futures' held in Hong Kong on March 9th in Hong Kong. Especially, he said he had interesting results in nine cities in Asia Pacific including South Korea. He emphasized that Seoul placed in the second next to Hong Kong in the possibility of developing new mobility city.

One of the strengths of Seoul is that it is advantageous for securing big data based on convenient public transportation and development of 5G communication technology. "Seoul is a unique and ironic city. Its income is high, but it has cheap and convenient public transportation…

[CUBE NEWS] BMW·Intel·Nielsen Join Hands with Blockchain Accelerator Tribe | BMW·인텔·닐슨 3사 손잡고 블록체인 엑셀러레이터 트라이브와 협약

BWM, Intel and Nielsen were selected as corporate partners for the blockchain accelerator Tribe. Tribe is the Singapore's government-led accelerator that opened in December 2018 in cooperation with Korea's ICON Foundation, PwC Singapore Venture Hub.

Tribe recently unveiled the agreement with three companies, saying "BMW, Intel, and Nielsen are going to share their expertise in their respective fields with Tribe Accelerator to build a comprehensive ecosystem for the fourth industry."

Through this partnership, the BMW Group will provide a 'masterclass' and mentoring session on how blockchain solutions can be implemented, and Intel will deliver business and technology mentoring to founders. Nielsen will provide founders with a sandbox to test new technologies and accelerate the adoption of solutions.

Richard Biggs, CEO of Cube Intelligence, a member of MOBI which is a group for startups in mobility and blockchain industry led by BMW said: "Working with exp…

[CUBE NEWS] Connected Cars and Autonomous Cars Are Evolving into a New Mobile Platform after Smart Cars and Smartphones | 커넥티드카·자율주행차, 스마트카와 스마트폰 잇는 새로운 모바일 플랫폼으로 발전 중

With the recent release of 5G technology and the enhancement of its related communication technologies and computing capabilities, automobiles have begun to attract attention as a new mobile platform connecting smartphones. Experts are paying particular attention to the study of connected cars and autonomous vehicles where the development of related technologies and the growth of derivative businesses are predicted. With the growth of technology and the proliferation of services related to connected cars and autonomous vehicles, automobiles can be utilized not only as a means of transportation but also as office space for meetings and as a relaxing space for leisure.

5G, which is an essential element of this connected car technology, is 5 to 20 times faster than LTE (4G) and can transmit and receive smoothly even on vehicles moving up to 310mi/h. Based on this technological growth, more than 70 organizations including automobile companies, telecom companies, IT, certification and acade…

[CUBE NEWS] Korea Post Office, Blockchain Insurance Billing System to Be Introduced

The Korean post office will introduce an insurance claim system that uses blockchain within this year. The Gwangju Regional Public Procurement Service has issued a bidding announcement on March 11, saying that the Postal Service headquarters will introduce computerized billing system using blockchain as a part of information infrastructure construction service.

The post office said it was planning to build a blockchain-based insurance claim system for insurance business in early February. It is a system that can claim the medical insurance benefit by using blockchain. The post office also said that it plans to install computer equipment in preparation for system operation and hospital expansion.

Previously, the post office also signed a business agreement with Jeonbuk Bank of JB Financial Group, for ‘joint development of the fourth industrial revolution field’, including the development of blockchain technology. At the time, the general manager of the post office, said, "The post …

[CUBE NEWS] Cube's Inception Partner NVIDIA's AI Makes Autonomous Driving Technology Better

NVIDIA's AI, autonomous vehicles and related technologies, which have recently partnered with Cube Intelligence, have received worldwide attention. NVIDIA, the global leader in visual computing technology and the creator of the GPU, has recently unveiled a $99 small computer for AI development. On March 19, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang presented a small AI computer, 'Jetson Nano', at the GPU technology conference.

Jetson Nano will be available in two variants: a $99 ‘developer kit’ for developers and manufacturers, and a $129 ‘enterprise module’ for businesses. The developer kit is expected to be used for mobile robots, drones and automation devices at low cost. Especially, enterprise modules can be used for AI calculation by connecting multiple modules. The launch is scheduled for June.

"The Jetson Nano supports the same architecture and software as those used in supercomputers," said Deepu Talla, vice president of NVIDIA's Autonomous Machines. I hope t…

[CUBE NEWS] Cube Intelligence Signs ‘NVIDIA Inception Partnership’

Cube Intelligence has become a global inception partner with NVIDIA, a leader in AI computing technology.
NVIDIA's 'Inception Partnership' is designed to support next-generation AI-related start-ups that will lead the fourth industry revolution. NVIDIA's 'Inception Partnership' is designed to support start-ups that are preparing for new markets by utilizing advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence. Cube has been selected as a partner company not only by the AI technology, but also by Cube token’s growth potential (AUTO), and by the car sharing service of Cube Car which will soon be introduced to the world.
The Inception Partnership consists of world leading startups around the world, and is backed by a wide range of support, training, collaboration networks and funding based on NVIDIA's latest GPU technology.

Among the many possibilities of Cube Intelligence, I was able to sign an inception partnership with NVIDIA, recognizing autonomous driving …

[CUBE NEWS] KakaoTalk to Reveal Blockchain Wallet in June?

A blockchain based cryptocurrency wallet will be installed in June in KakaoTalk, a "national messenger in South Korea", which is used by about 44 million people in Korea. When the crypto wallet is added to KakaoTalk, all users of KakaoTalk now have a crypto wallet and can transfer digital assets as easily as sending cash like KakaoPay.

According to related personnel in the related industry, Kakao will install a crypto wallet in KakaoTalk along with the start of commercial service of blockchain network "Klaytn", which is being developed by the blockchain subsidiary Ground X. Klaytn commercial service is expected to start at the end of June.

"Klaytn is working as a crypto wallet," said several Klaytn partners who are developing a blockchain-based service with Klaytn. "KakaoTalk, which is already used by the entire nation, is best suited to use as a crypto wallet. " Users of existing KakaoTalk users can easily access the wallet by simply upgrading th…

[CUBE NEWS] Korean Financial Sector Is Now in a ‘Blockchain Wave’

Companies such as major asset management, investment, banking, and securities companies, which are at the center of the Korean financial sector, are speeding up the introduction of blockchain technology. To this end, major companies have been registered in lectures held by blockchain experts such as the Blockchain Investment Research Institute and the Korea Blockchain Association.
Listed companies are asset management institutions such as Korea Investment Management, Eugene Asset Management, and Hi Asset Management, financial institutions such as Korea Securities Depository, Korea Investment Corporation, Credit Finance Association and KB Securities, Hanwha Investment and Securities and Kiwoom Securities, and first financial banks such as Shinhan Bank, Kookmin Bank, KDB Industrial Bank, etc.

According to officials in the financial industry, Woori and KEB Hana Bank are considering a way of introducing blockchain technology into their own cryptocurrency or membership point system. The reas…

[CUBE NEWS] The Cryptocurrency Market Attracting the Attention of Governments around the World

In addition to the cryptocurrency business plans of global corporations that are being announced recently, the interest in cryptocurrency is increasing in various governments around the world such as Hong Kong, France, Singapore, and Japan.
First, in contrast to the passive United States, France is approaching strategically for the development of block chains and cryptocurrency. Recently, France is actively taking ICO into the system. The French government approved the "Action Plan for Business Growth and Transformation (PACTE)" legislation that allowed ICOs in September 2018, and the new legislation contains a significant easing of regulation to allow small-medium enterprises to grow.

 The Hong Kong Financial Futures Commission (SFC) has announced the issuance of licenses to Crypto Fund management companies. It is a showing of willingness to take the crypto fund into the system and manage it. As future digital assets become a new asset class, experts say that Hong Kong could…

[CUBE NEWS] LG U+ and Hanyang University, Succeed in Running Seoul's first 5G Autonomous Vehicle in Seoul City Centre

The 5G autonomous vehicle developed by LG U Plus and Hanyang University has been successfully tested in the city center of Seoul and has attracted worldwide attention on March 11th. It is said that it completed the 8km drive safely in the complicated city center of Seoul for 25 minutes.

The name of the 5G self-driving car introduced by LG U + and Hanyang University is 'A One (A1)', and it has been confirmed that it possesses the technology of the level 4 'Advanced Autonomous Driving' of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) classification standard. This means that you are able to drive yourself without driver intervention.

'Cube Self Driving Car', an autonomous vehicle developed by Cube Intelligence and licensed by Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MOLIT), has been developed to the level of 'Conditional Autonomous Driving' which is the level 3 of SAE classification standard. Cube is developing ‘Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP)’, t…

[CUBE NEWS] Professor Ferguson at Harvard, a world-renowned economic historian, said, "I thought wrong, cryptocurrency is not a delusion.”

A world-renowned economic historian who was known as skeptical of cryptocurrency has recently revised his previous remarks and is now talking about the future of cryptocurrency.
On March 7 (local time), according to the ‘Cointelegraph’, Niall Ferguson, a world economic historian and Harvard professor, commented on cryptocurrency, "My past critics on cryptocurrency based on blockchain was my misjudgment. Cryptocurrency was not a delusion," he said.
Ferguson, who attended the 'AFR Business Summit' hosted by Australian Financial Review (AFR) in Australia, told this story at a private occasion.
Professor Ferguson, who has predicted the economic crisis from the historian's point of view and explained the new symbiotic relationship between the United States and China with the term "Chimerica," is also well known for the author of ‘The Ascent of Money’.
Ferguson said, "I may have made this prejudice about the knowledge of the monetary financial history I hav…

[CUBE NEWS] Samsung vs LG, the Beginning of Smartphone Wallet War?

Many of our readers and blockchain enthusiasts might have read the news that Samsung Electronics unveiled 'Galaxy S10 Unpacking' on February 20 (local time) in San Francisco, USA.
It was the ‘Galaxy Fold’ that got the biggest attention on the day. The foldable phone that naturally folded inside was more than enough to elicit participants' exclamation. It was a total intensifier of Samsung’s technology that they have accumulated so far.

And another, with this distinctive innovation that caught everyone's attention, Samsung quietly introduced a new cryptocurrency wallet. It is the 'Samsung Blockchain Keystore' which is mounted on the Galaxy S10.
Blockchain Keystore means the base where you can use or store cryptocurrency. Samsung Electronics is registering trademark rights to the European Patent Office in 2018, and it is the feature that attracted attention as 'Samsung cryptocurrency wallet'. It was the moment when rumors turned out to be truth.
But until two…