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[CUBE NEWS] Cube's Q1 Report for 2022

  Hello, this is Cube Intelligence. We present to you the Q1 report for 2022. January 3 Submitted the annual report of the ICT voucher project Submission of business extension agreement. January 5 The signing of the Testbed Agreement for Smart Parking and Autonomous Parking Group “A”. January 5 ICT agreement signed with Global Parking Company “B”. January 5 Consultative Meeting on the Procurement and Registration of Parking Control Systems of Company “C”. January 11 Bio information sensing, Auto Stop, E-Call meeting in case of emergency. January 17 Autonomous vehicle valet parking investment agency agreement signed. January 18 Signed a business agency cooperation contract with Company “D”. January 24 Consultative Meeting on Procurement Registration of Parking Control System of Company “E”. January 24 AI vision recognition guidance system installation meeting of Korea “F” Association parking lot. January 27 Smart Parking System Procurement Registration Meeting at company “G”. February 7

[CUBE NEWS] Cube's July 2020 Monthly Report

[CUBE Monthly Report – July 2020] Hello Cube community, this is Cube Intelligence. We hope all of you stay healthy and safe. We are sharing Cube’s news in July of 2020.   JUL 02 Signed an MOU with the Korean conglomerate ‘A’ on smart parking lot utilization projects   JUL 06 Re-branded and initiated advertisements on social media of Papa Cab India   JUL 07 Had a working-level meeting with the Korean conglomerate ‘A’   JUL 09 Had a working-level meeting with the Korean conglomerate ‘A’   JUL 13 Re-launched the operation of Papa Cab service in accordance with the changed city policy of Chennai, India due to COVID-19.   JUL 15 - Conducted due diligence on regulatory sandbox demonstration at Cube Seoul Office - Filmed a promotional video clip of Papa   JUL 22 - Trained captain crew members for ‘Papa Escort’ for the mobility vulnerable at SpaceShare Samseong COEX - Had an empirical test on smart parking equipment business with the Korean conglomerate ‘B’   JUL 23 Had a kick-off meeting with

[CUBE NEWS] Cube's June 2020 Monthly Report

Cube Monthly Report – June 2020 Hello this is Cube Intelligence. We present you the monthly report of June 2020. June 01 – 30 Researched the status of market competitors such as Uber and Ola that have been affected by COVID-19 and identified strategies to strengthen Papa India’s competitiveness. Established countermeasures towards COVID-19 and implemented the operation plan for the second half of the year. June 04 Discussed future cooperation plans for Papa with a Korean Council on Vehicles. Jun 10 - Had a working level discussion with the Korean conglomerate ‘A’ on the production of smart parking lot equipment and future development issues. - Got invited and participated in the Shared Transportation Forum (at Sheraton Seoul Palace Hotel). June 11 Got an on-site inspection for PoC for parking platform business of the Korean conglomerate ‘B’ June 12 Had a meeting on future cooperation plans with the Korean enterprise ‘C’. June 15 Had a discussion on future cooperation plans with the e