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[SMART CITY] 100 Smart City? India’s mission | 스마트시티가 100개? 인도의 미션

1. Smart City Mission in India

I worked in Mumbai, India for about two years. So, I am always interested in and paying attention to the changes in India. India has so much potential that all experts call Post-China.
The same goes for urban planning and smart city areas. Since taking office in 2014, Indian Prime Minister Modi has announced plans to build 100 smart cities across India by 2022 to boost economic growth and improve people's quality of life. It announced policy guidelines in 2015, with 100 cities selected on a total of five occasions from 2016 to June 2018. Because India has individual policies, bills, culture and language in each region, development is carried out according to the situation of each local government, not in a centralized way. According to the Indian government's announcement, about 100 million people across India will be affected by the development of 100 cities, with the estimated amount of money currently being injected into the project reaching abo…

[Cube] Cube's Monthly Report October 2018

Dear Cube enthusiasts,
Here are the lists of what happened at Cube during October.

October 09
Cube participated in OKCoin Korea meetup. Ricard Biggs presented the importance of MaaS through blockchain.

October 25
Production of video contents, “Ask Richard!” has been confirmed and started to collect questions via Telegram group.

October 26
CubeBox app for North America region is opened.

October 27
Meeting with Synca Holdings Japan for CubeBox Business Alliance

* Synca Holdings: Synca Holdings operates automobile parts distributing business mainly in Tokyo and nearby metropolitan area – operates 17 maintenance shops, auto parts (biggest in Kanto area, Japan), operates auto parts sales, engine oil production, and sales, owns 3,000 affiliated maintenance shop. Main distributor of auto parts for 2,300 Toyota trucks of a transportation company.

October 30
Completion of trademark registration of CubeBox in Japan

October 30
Announced Cube’s security and autonomous vehicle technology to Hyundai Motors

October 30
CubeBox getting ready to penetrate the Japanese market

October 30
Decided CubeBox demo with Japanese automobile insurance company.

October 31
CEO Richard Biggs presented the theme "Future mobility solution to solve traffic congestion problem" at “Urban Innovation Challenge: Citypreneurs” which is young SDGs start-up competition in Seoul hosted by the UN ESCAP, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Digital Foundation, UNDP, wfuna and WeGO.

October 31
CUBE’s Robert Cooke presented the theme "Future mobility solution and data marketplace" at “TRANSPORT Smart Class, London & South East England 2018” in London as a sponsor.

(Below are the same contents in Korean)


[CUBE 10월 Monthly Report]

안녕하세요? 짧은 가을이 아쉬운 날들입니다. 환절기 건강 유의하시고, 풍성한 가을날 좋은 일들만 가득하시길 바랍니다. 10월 동안 큐브에서 진행된 내용들을 소개합니다.

10월 09일 
OKCoin Korea 밋업 행사 참여. 리차드 빅스 대표의 발표 
블록체인을 통한 MaaS의 중요성에 대한 내용 공유

10월 25일 
홀더들과의 소통을 위해 YouTube 채널에 'Ask Richard!' 영상 제작 확정

10월 26일 
북미 및 영어권 지역을 위한 큐브박스 앱 오픈

10월 27일
일본 Synca Holdings와 큐브박스 사업제휴를 위한 회의

* 신카홀딩스 소개: 동경과 수도권지역을 중심으로한 자동차 부품 유통업(관동지역1위업체), 정비소 17개 운영, 자동차 부품판매업, 엔진오일 생산판매업, 거래 정비소 관동지역 3,000개 운영. 운송회사 트럭 약 2300대 일본 내 도요타자동차 부품판매 대리점 1위 업체

10월 30일 
일본 큐브박스 상표등록 완료

10월 30일 
현대차에 큐브의 시큐리티 및 자율주행차 기술발표

10월 30일 
일본 지사의 요청으로 큐브박스 일본 진출 준비

10월 30일 
일본 자동차 보험사와 큐브박스 데모 진행 협의 

10월 31일 
리처드 빅스 대표가 아시아태평양경제사회위원회, 서울특별시, 서울디지털재단, 유엔개발계획, 유엔협회세계연맹, 세계도시전자정부협의체에서 주최한 '세계 도시혁신가 대회 Cityprenuers 2018’에서 “교통체증을 해결해줄 미래 모빌리티 솔루션”을 주제로 발표

10월 31일 
큐브 매니저 ‘로버트 쿡’이 City of London, Southeastern Transport for London이 주관하는 “TRANSPORT Smart Class, London & South East England 2018” 컨퍼런스에서 “미래 모빌리티 솔루션과 데이터 시장”에 대해 발표