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[CUBE NEWS] 'Blockchain' Ecosystem, Expanding to Public Services | '블록체인' 생태계, 공공 서비스까지 확장

Recently, the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) announced that it has completed selecting a contractor for this year's blockchain public leading pilot projects with the Ministry of Science and Technology and Information and Communication. As a result, blockchain technology will be introduced to help local governments respond to disasters quickly, protect the rights of part-time workers, and ensure the transparency of the government's public services and government.

In addition, the blockchain public initiative has increased its funding from six projects last year to 12 this year and has expanded its budget from 3.5 million USD to 7.5 million USD. In March, a total of 32 companies were selected to carry out 12 projects for this year's pilot project. Thus, the National Archives and Records Administration plans to use blockchain technology for real-time sharing among the records management institutions of standard electronic documents.
The Defense Acquisition Program…

[Cube] Cube's Monthly Report November 2018

Hello Cube contributors, Greetings!

Following are the progress that happened during November 2018.

November 1st
- Consultation with Japanese car insurance company about proceeding CUBE Box demo (CUBE Tokyo branch)
- Strategy meeting with MG Non-Life Insurance about linking CUBE Box service.

November 2nd
- Administrative consultation with AMANO about a scheme of co-operation.
- CUBE Intelligence received an appreciation plaque in ITS Academic Conference (Hosted by Korea ITS Academic Conference), Fall of 2018 (In Kyungsung University).

November 7th
- Administrative consultation with Japanese rear group company A in Tokyo.

November 8th
- SK Energy announces the CUBE business plan.
- 1st episode of “Ask Richard” was uploaded on CUBE Intelligence Youtube channel.

November 13th
- Attended the ‘Smart City EXPO World Congress (SCEWC)’ in Barcelona, Spain.
(Managed a booth. Shared the CUBE business and vision through a presentation by CEO Richard Biggs).
- Meeting with the mayor of Braga, Portugal, and the investors.
- Consultation with the vice-mayor of Kyoto, Japan about cooperating, proceeding a ‘Small Slow Mobility (SSM)’ platform business.
- Consultation with the chief secretary of Curitiba, Brazil about ‘Smart City Congress’ 2019 and potential installation of the CUBE service.
- Shared and consulted with the government personnel (Dordrecht, Netherlands / Lyon, France / Trento, Italy) about Smart City Mobility and driving behavior change plan.
- Shared a business plan and strategy with ‘Idinvest Partners’ located in Paris, France (One of the top venture capital company in Europe. Subsidiary company of Allianz that manages €7 billion).
- Consultation with ‘Korea Land and Housing Corporation’ about Smart City Development Office and applying CUBE service in Korean Smart Cities.

November 14th
- Administrative consultation with Japanese rear group company A in Tokyo, Japan.

November 16th
- Administrative consultation and Non-Disclosure Agreement with Japanese rear group company A headquarter in Tokyo, Japan (4 CUBE personnel was present).

November 19th
- Opened a participation application for December meetup ‘Hello World; Autonomous Vehicle & Data Business Progress Report’ (130 people applied as of November 30th)

November 22nd
- Administrative consultation with Japanese rear group company A in Tokyo, Japan
- 2nd episode of “Ask Richard” was uploaded on CUBE Intelligence Youtube channel.

November 27th
- Consultation with T Non-Life Insurance company about insurance for car-sharing.

November 29th
- Administrative consultation with e&Co.(Germany) CEO Dr.Engelbert Wimmer about expanding to Europe.
- Business strategy conference with e&Co. about CUBE Mobility.

November 30th
- Administrative consultation with Japanese rear group company A in Tokyo, Japan
- Administrative consultation with Japanese company B about communications products and terminal production schedule for a traffic type car-sharing vehicle control terminal.

(Below is the same content in Korean.)


[CUBE 11월 Monthly Report]

안녕하세요? 11월 동안 큐브에서 진행된 소식들을 전해드립니다.

11월 1일
- 큐브 도쿄 지사에서 일본 자동차 보험사와 함께 큐브박스 데모 진행 협의
- MG손해보험과 큐브박스 서비스 연계 방안 전략회의 진행

11월 2일
- 아마노(AMANO)와 협력방안 실무협의
- 큐브 인텔리전스, 경성대학교에서 ITS 추계학술대회 감사패 수상 (주관/ 한국ITS 학회)

11월 7일
- 도쿄에서 일본 그룹사 A와 실무회의

11월 8일
- SK에너지에서 큐브 사업 발표
- 큐브 유튜브 채널에 Ask Richard! Ep01 업로드

11월 13일
- Smart City EXPO World Congress (SCEWC) in Barcelona 참석
부스 운영과 리처드 빅스 대표 발표를 통해 CUBE의 사업 및 비전 공유
- 포르투갈 Braga 시 시장 및 투자자 미팅
- 일본 Kyoto 시 부시장과 Small Slow Mobility(SSM) Platform Business 운영 및 협력추진 논의
- 브라질 Curitiba 시 수석비서관과 2019년 스마트시티 엑스포(Smart City Congress) 및 서비스 적용 가능성 논의
- Dordrecht, Netherlands / Lyon, France / Trento, Italy 시들과 스마트 시트 모빌리티 및 운전습관 변화에 대한 논의 및 협의 방안 검토 진행
- 프랑스 소재 유럽의 대표 벤처캐피탈 아이디인베스트파트너스(Idinvest Partners)에 사업개요 및 비즈니스 전략 공유
* 아이디인베스트파트너스는 글로벌기업인 알리안츠(Allianz)의 자회사로 1997년 유럽 최대 중소기업 특화 벤처캐피탈이라는 평가를 받고 있다. 운용자산 규모만 71억 유로(약 9조 원)에 달한다.
- LH 공사 스마트도시개발처(Smart City Development Office)와 국내 스마트시티 내 서비스 적용 가능성 검토

11월 14일
- 도쿄에서 일본 그룹사 A와 실무회의

11월 16일
- 일본 그룹사 A와 NDA 협약 체결 및 도쿄 A사 본사에서 실무회의 (큐브측 4명 참석)

11월 19일
- 12월 Meetup (Hello World; Autonomous Vehicle & Data Business Progress Report) 참가 신청 오픈 (11월 30일 기준 130여 명 참가 확정)

11월 22일
- 일본 A 그룹사와 실무미팅
- 큐브 유튜브 채널에 Ask Richard! Ep02 업로드

11월 27일
- T 손해보험과 카셰어링 관련 보험 협의

11월 29일
- 독일 e&Co 엥겔버트 CEO 큐브 방문 (유럽 진출을 위한 실무협의)
- 협력사 e&Co 와 Cube Mobility 사업관련 전략회의 진행

11월 30일
- 도쿄에서 그룹사 A와 실무회의.
- 일본 P2P 카셰어링 통신형 차량 관제단말기 관련 통신상품 및 단말생산 일정 B사와 실무협의.