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[SMART CITY] 100 Smart City? India’s mission | 스마트시티가 100개? 인도의 미션

1. Smart City Mission in India

I worked in Mumbai, India for about two years. So, I am always interested in and paying attention to the changes in India. India has so much potential that all experts call Post-China.
The same goes for urban planning and smart city areas. Since taking office in 2014, Indian Prime Minister Modi has announced plans to build 100 smart cities across India by 2022 to boost economic growth and improve people's quality of life. It announced policy guidelines in 2015, with 100 cities selected on a total of five occasions from 2016 to June 2018. Because India has individual policies, bills, culture and language in each region, development is carried out according to the situation of each local government, not in a centralized way. According to the Indian government's announcement, about 100 million people across India will be affected by the development of 100 cities, with the estimated amount of money currently being injected into the project reaching abo…

[Cube] Cube's Monthly Report January 2019

Hello, this is Cube Intelligence.
The year of golden pig has come, it comes only every 60 years.

Cube wishes happy new year to every Cube enthusiast.
Here is the monthly report of January 2019.

January 3
Cube AI had a meeting with executives of ‘A’ large corporation in Korea on 'autonomous valet parking system' (AVP)

January 9
Cube AI’s self-developed autonomous driving car got permission to run the vehicle from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation of Korea
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January 11
Cube AI released its self-developed automatic charging system demo video
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January 14
Cube won the 1st rank in PickThumb voting contest
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January 16
Cube AI had a meeting with executives of company “B” in Korea about AVP

January 18
Seoul Metropolitan Government officers visited Cube Korea office in Seoul and discussed cooperation plans

January 23
Palo Alto Korea CEO visited Cube Korea office and held strategic meeting

January 25
Cube AI held a development and cooperation meeting with a Japanese company “C” executives in Japan

January 29
Cube Intelligence won the Grand Prize in 'Application of Blockchain Convergence Industry' at the '2019 Block Chain Marvels Awards' at Shilla Hotel in Seoul
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January 30
Cube Car hosted 500 cars total

(Below is the same content in Korean.)


2019년 1월 Monthly Report

안녕하세요. 큐브 인텔리전스입니다.
2019년 60년마다 찾아온다는 '황금돼지의 해'가 밝았습니다.

큐브 역시 좋은 기운을 이어가 올 한 해도 열심히 노력하며
성장하는 모습 보여드리도록 하겠습니다.

그럼 지난 1월 한 달간 진행됐던 큐브 소식을 전해드립니다.

1월 3일
큐브AI 한국 대기업 A사 경영진들과 '자율주행 자동차 발렛파킹 시스템'(이하 AVP:Automated)에 관한 미팅 진행

1월 9일
큐브AI 자체 개발 자율주행 자동차, 국토교통부로부터 ‘자율주행 자동차 임시운행허가’ 승인 내용 뉴스로 소개
▶기사 확인:

1월 11일
큐브AI 자체 개발 자율주행 자동차, 자동충전 시스템 데모 영상 발표
▶기사 확인:
▶영상 확인:

1월 14일
픽썸 투표 라운드에서 큐브 1위 확정
▶기사 확인:

1월 16일
큐브AI, 한국 대기업 B사 경영진들과 AVP에 관한 미팅 진행

1월 18일
서울시에서 큐브 한국 사무실 방문 및 협력 방안 논의

1월 23일
팔로알토코리아 CEO 큐브 한국 사무실 방문 및 전략 회의 진행

1월 25일
큐브AI, 일본에서 일본 대기업 C사 실무진들과 미팅 개발 및 협력 방안 논의

1월 29일
큐브 인텔리전스, 서울 신라호텔에서 열린 '2019 블록체인 마블스 어워즈'에서 '블록체인 융합산업 응용' 부문 최우수상 수상
▶기사 확인:

1월 30일
큐브카 누적 등록 차량 총 500대 달성