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[DRIVE] Chuseok holiday: Highway driving, safe driving this year! | 추석 연휴: 고속도로 운전, 올해도 안전운전!

This Chuseok holiday is four days. More than 1 million people go on overseas trips during the holidays every year, but since it is a shorter holiday than usual, there will likely be far more people returning to their hometowns through highway driving with their families.

During holidays and holidays, the driver can't hide the psychological phenomenon that he or she wants to go as fast as possible to reduce driving time with excitement and overflowing emotions.
* Driving like this is a shortcut to traffic accidents.

If the traffic jam continues for a long time and the road situation becomes smooth for an instant, it can speed up due to a sense of urgency and compensation, which can lead to a major traffic accident.

The most dangerous thing on your way home is a drowsy driving. Driving while feeling tired will expose the driver to sleepiness without realizing it.

Therefore, it is common to refrain from drinking and engaging in activities by considering travel schedules without overworkin…

[Cube] Cube's Monthly Report February 2019

Hello, this is Cube Intelligence.

Cube Intelligence will do our best to make good results by faithfully implementing the annual roadmaps introduced in the beginning of the year.

The following is the monthly report of February, 2019.

Feb 10
Meeting for parking lot system development and cooperation with Japanese ‘A’ corporate

Feb 12
Consultation on regulations and legal status in Japanese car sharing market entry

Feb 13
Meeting for business cooperation with Japanese parking sharing company ‘B’

Feb 14-15
Participated in ‘MOBI Members Colloquium 2019’ hosted by BMW group in Munich, Germany
-       Meetings with car makers: BMW Group, GM, Renault, Honda
-       Discussion on blockchain technology in mobility industry
-       Participating in discussions on current and potentials of blockchain, tokenization, and A.I. technology
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Feb 15
Executive meeting on future marketing direction with LCK Team Griffin (League of Legends)

Feb 18
Meeting and test drive in Cube’s Autonomous Vehicle with multinational partner companies(Singapore, Dubai, etc.)

Feb 19
Cooperation meeting with Korean parking company ‘C’

Feb 21
Meeting on cooperation on Autonomous Valet Parking System with German OEM ‘D’ Group’s Asia, Leader IT Tech Office Singapore at ‘B Group’ Korea branch.

Feb 21
Participated in the MaaS Korea Forum Discussion on the 80th Annual Conference of the Korean Society of Transportation (Cube presented core values and limitations of MaaS)

Feb 21
Established Cube Japan (Ginza, Tokyo)

Feb 25
Discussion on cooperation with Company ‘E’ (a Startup established by OEM executives)

Feb 26
Meeting for cooperation with Autonomous Driving Research Lab of ‘K University’ in Daejeon, South Korea

Feb 27
Finished filming new video contents for YouTube, ‘CubeTV’ (scheduled to be uploaded in March)

Feb 28
600 fleets for free delivery registered on Cube Car platform (Seoul Metropolitan Area)

(Below is the same content in Korean.)

안녕하세요. 큐브 인텔리전스입니다.
추운 바람이 잦아들고 봄기운이 다가오고 있는데요.
항상 건강 유의하시고 연초에 세우신 계획 잘 이어가시길 바라겠습니다.

큐브 또한 연초에 소개해드린 연간 계획들을 성실히 이뤄가며
좋은 결실을 맺을 수 있도록 최선을 다하겠습니다.
그럼 지난 2월 한 달간 진행된 큐브 소식을 전해드립니다.

일본 A사와 주차장 시스템 개발 및 업무협의.

큐브의 일본 카셰어링 산업 진출에 대한 법적 문제점에 관한 컨설팅

일본 주차 셰어회사 B사와 주차관리 시스템 제공과 카셰어링 사업과 연계 등에 대한 업무협의

2 14~15
BMW Group 주최, 독일 뮌헨에서 열린 ‘MOBI Members Colloquium 2019’에 참가
 - BMW Group, GM, Renault, Honda 자동차 제조 회사들과 업무 협력 미팅 진행
 - Mobility 산업과 Blockchain 활용에 대한 논의
 - Blockchain, Tokenization, A.I. 기술의 현재 및 발전가능성에 대한 토론 참여
▶ 관련 기사/영상

LCK Team 그리핀 임원진 미팅을 통해 향후 마케팅 방향 논의

다국적 협력업체(싱가폴 두바이 등)와 미팅, 자율주행차 시승행사

한국 주차업체 C사와 협력방안 논의

2 21
독일 OEM D그룹 Asia, Leader IT Tech Office Singapore B사 코리아에서 Autonomous Valet Parking system 협력 방안 논의

2 21
대한교통학회 제80회 학술발표회 MaaS Korea Forum 토론 참여 (MaaS의 핵심 가치 및 한계 의견 제시)

2 21
큐브 일본 현지 법인 설립(동경도 중앙구 긴자)

E(OEM 임원 출신 스타트업)와 협력방안 논의

대전 K대학 자율주행 연구 랩과 협력방안 논의

2 27
큐브 인텔리전스 유튜브 신규 콘텐츠 큐브TV’ 제작 (3월 업로드 예정)

큐브카 서울, 경기 지역 무료배송 카셰어링 600대 등록 완료