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[CUBE NEWS] Cube's January 2020 Monthly Report

Hello, this is Cube Intelligence. The New Year of 2020 has come, and Cube has been working hard for the new month. Once again, Cube Intelligence wishes you all the best in this New Year, and we wish you have a year to accomplish all your wishes. Below is the Cube’s January 2020 Monthly Report.
Jan 03 – 05 Participated in the Expo held at COEX, Seoul.
Jan 07 Cube had a meeting with an apartment construction company and a HomeNet fixture on the establishment of a smart parking system.
Jan 10 Papa launched ‘Papa Air’ service. - Departure: Seoul Gangnam, Seocho, Songpa district. - Destination: Gimpo Airport, Incheon International Airport. - Operating hours: 08:00 – 26:00 (02:00 AM of the next day).
Jan 11 – 17 Visited Israel with executives from Korean Conglomerate ‘A’ and had meetings on collaborations with more than 10 Israeli unicorns, startups, and VCs.
Jan 14 Applied for additional participation of Smart City Convergence Alliance Working Group. Jan 15 Cube had an executive meeting with smart parking s…

[CUBE NEWS] Monthly Report March 2019

Hello, Cube Intelligence community members.

Spring has come and the cold winter has gone.

We hope everything goes well with you. Here are the monthly reports from Cube’s March.

March 07

MOU signed with global telecommunication company ‘A’.

March 08

First kickoff meeting with large blockchain enterprise ‘B’.

March 11

Cube AI participated in ‘Open Innovation Program’ for innovative technology/product startups sponsored by The Volkswagen Korea.

(Participation in the final face-to-face evaluation of the Volkswagen Korea x N15 Open Innovation Program)

March 12

Progress direction meeting (public-private joint project) and presentation of government project of the Republic of Korea.

(Consultation on the actual role and development of the government, police, research institutes and the IT industry in order to have road infrastructure for autonomous vehicles).

March 14

Cube token(AUTO) listed on Bithumb exchange.

March 14

The first episode of the new YouTube contents ‘Cube TV’ uploaded.

March 14

Promotional film shot with Griffin team and had met for future marketing of Cube Car.

March 15

Announced ‘Inception Partnership’ with NVIDIA

(Autonomous driving research is dominated by giant IT companies and automakers such as Google, NVIDIA and Uber. NVIDIA is the number one global leader in image processing and artificial intelligence computing that is essential for autonomous vehicles, which are powered by artificial intelligence. Cube will receive a variety of technical support and human network support for research and development of autonomous vehicles from NVIDIA. NVIDIA will bring the latest hardware and artificial intelligence algorithms to inception partners first.)

March 21

Cube AI / Cube Car gave a presentation as a member of the Smart City Convergence Alliance in COEX, Seoul, Korea.

March 21

Meeting with map maker company ‘C’ for building underground parking lot map for Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP).

March 22

Secondary consecutive meeting for cooperation with large blockchain enterprise ‘B’.

March 23

Cube Car Sponsorship e-sports team, Griffin has finalized the LCK regular league championship (Post-season final match is scheduled on April 13, at Jamsil indoor gym).

March 26

Held Cube Tokyo meetup (Near Cube Tokyo office).

(About 30 participants participated in this event, and Cube had time to explain the business in Japan.) Cube Box, Cube Car, Autonomous Valet Parking was introduced and had time to network and discuss ways to collaborate in the future.

Participants were government officials and construction workers, as well as former diplomats who were strongly influential throughout Japan.

Further information about the attendees might be disclosed in case of future cooperation announcements.)

March 27

Participated and presented at ‘Podium Star – Pitch Your Startup to Techstars & Kakao Ventures’.

(Sponsored and hosted by ‘Techstars’, ‘Kakao Ventures’, ‘Google Ventures’, ‘G3 Partners’)

March 30

Cube Car completed hosting 1,005 fleets in Seoul Metropolitan area for free delivery.