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[CUBE NEWS] Cube's Q3 Report for 2021

  Hello, this is Cube Intelligence. We present to you the Q3 report for 2021.   Cashierest, where AUTO can be traded, has terminated the won market service according to regulations. Accordingly, you can trade AUTO in USDT in Cashierest.   Cube Intelligence was selected as the 2021 Top 20 Promising Startup in a survey of 4,859 automobile startups by Automotive Innovation Map.   Link:  https://www.startus- automotive-industry-trends-10- innovations-that-will-impact- automotive-companies-in-2020- beyond June 30 Discussions with A Korean auto parts company ‘A’ on future cooperation in mobility.   July 1 Papa and Korean conglomerate 'B' affiliated store   July 7 Discussions with A Global Leader Parking company "C" on future cooperation in mobility.   July 9 Discussions with A Korean conglomerate ‘D’ on future cooperation in mobility.   July 12 Dual Company U.S. offices and planning meetings to enter the U.S. (Commercialization of autonomous p

[CUBE NEWS] Cube's November 2019 Monthly Report

Dear Cube followers,

Please enjoy Cube’s monthly report of November 2019 as follows.

November 04

- Cube submitted promotion materials to the Korea Data Agency’s Data Voucher Promotion Agency.
- Papa began ‘App Review Events’
  Prize: Papa issues cash KRW 30,000 (to 3 users) + Starbucks gift vouchers (to 10 users) each.
  The offer is valid until November 30.

November 05

- Had a meeting with Korean conglomerate ‘C’ on expanding overseas market.

November 08 - 09

- Cube got invited and had a meeting at Korea - Vietnam Investment Technology Co-operation Forum.

November 12

- Korean conglomerate ‘A’ visited Cube’s Test Field and discussed future co-operation plan.

November 19

- Had a working-level meeting with Korean conglomerate ‘B’.

November 19 - 21

- Cube got invited and participated at SCEWC Barcelona (Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona) international exhibition and had meetings with numerous companies/organizations.
- Promoted smart parking and autonomous valet parking solutions to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MOLIT) Korea, Sejong city, Busan city and the Korean Ministry of Unification.
- Reviewed the business feasibility and arranged additional meetings with companies from the Middle East and Japan.

November 21

- Had a working-level meeting with Korean conglomerate ‘B’.

November 22

- Cube attended the ‘Smart City Convergence Alliance’s Working Group Kick-off Meeting’.

November 25

- Papa amended its price table.
Basic fare has been increased by KRW 700 and distance fare has been adjusted as well.

November 25 - 26

- Cube had meetings with companies and organizations from ASEAN countries as invited to Korea-ASEAN Smart City Fair.

November 25 - 29

- Cube got invited and had meetings at Kuwait’s Abdullah Smart City Forum.

November 27

- Attended the ‘2019 Data Grand Conference’ and had networking sessions with mobility companies.

November 28

- Cube held ‘2019 Year-end Meetup’.

November 28 - 29

Attended ‘K-Startup Week 2019 Comeup’ and had meetings with mobility-related companies.

November 29

- Papa launched ‘Papa Time’, a premium rental service.


(Below is the same content in Korean.)

안녕하세요, 큐브 인텔리전스 입니다.
2019년 11월 Monthly Report 입니다. 

11월 4일
- 한국데이터산업진흥원 데이터바우처추진단에 공급기업 홍보자료 제출
- 파파 앱리뷰 이벤트
   이벤트 경품: 파파 3만 캐시 (3명) + 스타벅스 기프티콘 (10명)
   이벤트 기간: 11/4~11/30
-한국 대기업 A사, B사, 큐브 실무진 합동 미팅

11월 5일
한국 대기업 C사와 해외 시장 확대에 대한 미팅

11월 8일 ~ 11월 9일
한-베트남 투자기술협력 포럼 초청되어 전시 및 미팅

11월 12일
대기업A사 큐브 테스트필드 방문 및 향후 협력방안 협의

11월 19일
대기업 B사와 실무 개발 회의

11월 19일 ~ 11월 21일 
- 바르셀로나 SCEWC (Smart City Expo World Congress) 국제전시회에 초청되어 전시 및 미팅
- 국토부, 세종시, 부산시, 통일부 등 정부기관에 스마트주차 및 자율주차솔루션 홍보
- 중동, 중국, 일본 기업과 사업성 검토 및 추가 미팅 주선

11월 21일
대기업 B사와 실무 개발 회의

11월 22일
스마트시티 융합 얼라이언스 워킹그룹 킥오프 설명회 참석

11월 25일
- 파파 요금인상
   기본요금 700원 인상 및 이동거리에 따른 요금 일부조정.

11월 25일 ~ 11월 26일
한.아세안 정상회담 연계 한.아세안 스마트시티 페어 초청되어 아세안 기업 및 기관들과 미팅

11월 25일 ~ 11월 29일
쿠웨이트 압둘라 스마트시티 포럼 초청되어 발표 및 미팅

11월 27일
- 2019 데이터 그랜드 컨퍼런스 참석 및 모빌리티 기업과 네트워킹 진행
- 2019 데이터 그랜드 컨퍼런스 참석

11월 28일
2019년도 하반기 Meetup 개최

11월 28일 ~ 11월 29일
- K-Start Week 2019 ComeUp 참석 및 관련 기술 기업과 사업성 미팅 진행

11월 29일
- 파파타임(프리미엄 대절 서비스) 베타 오픈.