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[CUBE NEWS] Cube's Q1 Report for 2022

  Hello, this is Cube Intelligence. We present to you the Q1 report for 2022. January 3 Submitted the annual report of the ICT voucher project Submission of business extension agreement. January 5 The signing of the Testbed Agreement for Smart Parking and Autonomous Parking Group “A”. January 5 ICT agreement signed with Global Parking Company “B”. January 5 Consultative Meeting on the Procurement and Registration of Parking Control Systems of Company “C”. January 11 Bio information sensing, Auto Stop, E-Call meeting in case of emergency. January 17 Autonomous vehicle valet parking investment agency agreement signed. January 18 Signed a business agency cooperation contract with Company “D”. January 24 Consultative Meeting on Procurement Registration of Parking Control System of Company “E”. January 24 AI vision recognition guidance system installation meeting of Korea “F” Association parking lot. January 27 Smart Parking System Procurement Registration Meeting at company “G”. February 7

[CUBE NEWS] Cube's January 2020 Monthly Report

Hello, this is Cube Intelligence.
The New Year of 2020 has come, and Cube has been working hard for the new month.
Once again, Cube Intelligence wishes you all the best in this New Year, and we wish you have a year to accomplish all your wishes.
Below is the Cube’s January 2020 Monthly Report.
Jan 03 – 05
Participated in the Expo held at COEX, Seoul.

Jan 07
Cube had a meeting with an apartment construction company and a HomeNet fixture on the establishment of a smart parking system.

Jan 10
Papa launched ‘Papa Air’ service.
- Departure: Seoul Gangnam, Seocho, Songpa district.
- Destination: Gimpo Airport, Incheon International Airport.
- Operating hours: 08:00 – 26:00 (02:00 AM of the next day).

Jan 11 – 17
Visited Israel with executives from Korean Conglomerate ‘A’ and had meetings on collaborations with more than 10 Israeli unicorns, startups, and VCs.

Jan 14
Applied for additional participation of Smart City Convergence Alliance Working Group.
Jan 15
Cube had an executive meeting with smart parking startups and discussed co-operation.

Jan 16
Visited the headquarters of the Korean conglomerate ‘B’ and discussed working-level conditions.

Jan 28
- Had a follow-up meeting with Israeli company ‘C’, the CEO of ‘C’ and the head of the Japanese Branch of ‘C’ visited Cube’s Seoul office and discussed future co-operation.
- Submitted opinions on the public-private corporate public offering plans in the Smart City national testbed.

Jan 29
- The CEO of the Korean Branch of Israeli company ‘D’ visited Cube’s Seoul office and had a meeting on future co-operation.
- Presented Cube’s business at the Headquarters of a Korean conglomerate ‘E’ and had a meeting.
- The working level of the Korean conglomerate ‘B’ visited Cube’s Seoul office and had a working-level meeting.

(Below is the same content in Korean.)

2020년 1월 Monthly Report
안녕하세요, 큐브 인텔리전스입니다.
2020년 새해가 밝았고, 또 힘차게 한 달을 달려왔습니다.
다시 한 번, 새해 복 많이 받으시고, 소망하는 일들을 모두 이루는 한 해가 되길 응원하겠습니다.
아래는 큐브의 2020년 1월 먼슬리 리포트입니다.

1월 3-5일 
서울 코엑스 박람회 행사 참가

1월 7일
아파트 건설사 및 홈넷 설비사와 미팅, 스마트 주차 시스템 설치에 관한 논의

1월 10일
파파에어 시작
- 출발지: 강남구 송파구 서초구
- 목적지: 김포공항, 인천공항
- 운행시간: 08시~26시(익일2시)

1월 11일 - 17일
한국 대기업 협력 A사 임원들과 함께 이스라엘 방문 및 현지 관련 업체들 미팅
10여개의 이스라엘 유니콘, 스타트업, VC 들과 미팅 및 협업사항 논의

1월 14일
스마트시티 융합 얼라이언스 워킹그룹 추가 신청

1월 15일
스마트 주차 스타트업 경영진 미팅 및 협력 방안 토의

1월 16일
한국 대기업 B사 본사 방문 및 실무사항 미팅

1월 28일
- 이스라엘 기업 C사 후속 미팅으로 C사 CEO 및 C사 일본지사장 큐브 한국 삼성동 사무실 방문 및 향후 협력 방안 협의
- 스마트시티 국가시범도시 민관 SPC 기업공모 추진계획(안) 의견서 제출

1월 29일
- 이스라엘 D사 한국지사 CEO 큐브 사무실 방문 및 향후 협력 방안 협의
- 한국 대기업 E사 본사에서 사업내용 발표 및 미팅
- 한국 대기업 B사 큐브 삼성동 사무실 방문 및 실무 내용 미팅