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[CUBE NEWS] Cube's Q3 Report for 2022

  Cube Intelligence 2022 3Q Progress Hello, this is Cube Intelligence. We present to you the 3Q report for 2022.   July 13 Meeting with the 'A' company representative and the cooperation plan between the two companies.   July 14 Discussion of agency conditions and business status with the representative of the 'B' company.   July 28 Meeting with Company 'C' executives conducting meetings on cooperation with public institutions.   August 16 Consultation on cooperative projects with manufacturer 'D'.   August 26 A cooperative meeting on development with the representative of the 'E' company.   August 26 Meeting with 'F' Development Corporation regarding the introduction of our system.   September 5 Meeting with 'G' executives about purchasing.   September 13 Discussion of test bed schedule with 'H' executives.   September 19 Consultation is conducted with the company 'I' representative on the smart business consortiu

[CUBE NEWS] Cube's September 2020 Monthly Report

[CUBE NEWS] Cube's September 2020 Monthly Report
Hello, this is Cube Intelligence.
We present to you the monthly report of September 2020.
Always be careful with the flu and COVID-19.
September 2
Korean conglomerate ‘A’ visited the Cube office and had a working-level discussion and discussed future cooperation measures.
September 7
United Arab Emirates Company ‘B’ and Korean conglomerate ‘C’ Visited the Cube office and discussed future co-operation measures.
(Cube was specially exempt from the quarantine as it was selected as a top startup by Korean Government)
September 11
Signed MOU with United Arab Emirates ‘B’ – Providing solutions for smart parking facilities in Eastern Europe.
September 15
Global Company ‘D’ Visited Cube Office for Papa Service.
September 18
Korean Midsize Business Company ‘E’ visited Cube Office for Papa IR.
September 25
AI Prototype was selected for ‘F’ City's (Korea) Production Support Project of 2020.


(Below is the same content in Korean.)

안녕하세요 큐브 인텔리전스입니다.
9월 한 달 간 큐브에 있었던 소식들입니다.
즐거운 추석 명절 보내시기 바랍니다.
환절기 독감 및 코로나19를 항상 조심하여 건강에 유의하시기 바랍니다.
9월 2일
한국 대기업 A사 임원진 삼성동 큐브 사무실 방문 및 향후 협력 방안 논의
9월 7일
아랍에미레이트 B사 및 한국 대기업 C사 큐브 사무실 방문 및 향후 협력 방안 논의
(정부 기관 통해 우수 스타트업 코로나 자가격리 특별 면제)
9월 11일
아랍에미레이트 B사와 MOU 체결 – 동유럽 스마트 주차설비 운영 시스템 솔루션 제공
9월 15일
글로벌 D사 파파 서비스 관련 삼성동 사무실 방문
9월 18일
한국 중견기업 E사 삼성동 사무실 방문 및 파파 IR
9월 25일
한국 지방자치 F시 2020 년 AI 시제품 제작지원 사업 선정