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[CUBE NEWS] Cube's Q4 Report for 2021

Hello, this is Cube Intelligence. We present to you the Q4 report for 2021.     September 14 [Affiliates] Papa X 'A' Department Store New employees rode the Papa to work.   October 1 Self-driving proposal business meeting with 'B' University.   October 7 Discussions and kick-off meetings were held with 'C', a startup specializing in autonomous driving simulation, on the development of an autonomous driving simulation environment in indoor and parking situations.   October 8 The second meeting was with a Korean robot company on how to apply the indoor positioning technology developed for autonomous parking to indoor logistics robots.    - As the paradigm of logistics robots changes from the existing fixed-route transport robot (AGV) to the autonomous driving transport robot (ARM), demand for indoor positioning technology occurs.   October 15 The second meeting was on the industry-academic cooperation technology development project related to autonomous driving wi

[CUBE NEWS] Cube's October 2020 Monthly Report


[CUBE NEWS] Cube's October 2020 Monthly Report
Hello, this is Cube Intelligence.
We present to you the monthly report for October 2020.
Although it is a difficult and difficult time due to the global re-proliferation of COVID-19, I hope we can overcome the crisis together by following thorough health care and Corona prevention rules.
October 5
Planning CubeBox's entry into the UK and establishing CE certification procedures.
October 7
India PapaCab Submit COVID-19 Relief Services Proposal (Tamil Nadu State).
October 15
A Plan for Renewal Service of CubeBox Homepage.
October 16
Start-up Commercialization Support Project Announcement.
October 22
Pre-meeting of the manufacturer for the CubeBox upgrade.
Final selection of startup commercialization support and participation in the selected corporate agreement ceremony.
October 23
Meet with communication inspection companies in Chungcheong and Gyeongsang provinces and discuss future cooperation with local branches of our smart parking system.
October 28
Visit executives of A Korean conglomerate 'A' and on-site inspection, and discuss future cooperation measures.
October 29
Executives of A Korean conglomerate 'B', visit Cube's office in Samseong-dong, and discuss future business directions.
October 30
The Korea SCM & Logistics Festival (KSLF) Presentation on Logistics Innovation using Autonomous Valet System, Smart Parking System, and Data.
Participate and announce as a recommended startup by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport at an event hosted jointly by Korean financial company 'C' and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure.

 (Below is the same content in Korean.)
안녕하세요, 큐브 인텔리전스 입니다.
10월 한달간 큐브에 있었던 소식들입니다.
코로나19의 세계적인 재확산으로 힘들고 어려운 시기이지만 철저한 건강관리와 코로나 예방수칙을 지켜 다같이 위기를 극복해 나갔으면 좋겠습니다.
10월 5일
CubeBox 영국 진출 기획 및 CE 인증 절차 수립 진행
10월 7일
인도 파파(PapaCab) 코로나 구호 서비스 제안서 제출 (타밀나두 주정부)
10월 15일
CubeBox 홈페이지 리뉴얼 서비스 기획
10월 16일
스타트업 사업화 지원 사업 발표
10월 22일
CubeBox 업그레이드를 위한 제조사 사전 미팅
스타트업 사업화 지원 최종 선정 및 선정 기업 협약식 참여
10월 23일
충청도 및 경상도 통신검사업체와 미팅, 당사 스마트 주차 시스템 지방 지사 관련 향후 협력 관계 논의
10월 28일
한국 대기업 A사 임원 방문 및 현장실사, 향후 협력 방안 협의
10월 28일
한국 대기업 B사, 분양 예정 충청권 아파트에 자율발렛파킹 서비스 적용 검토 협의
10월 29일
한국 대기업 B사 임원 큐브 삼성동 사무실 방문, 워크샵 및 향후 사업 방향 협의
10월 30일
KSLF(Korea SCM & Logistics Festival) 2020_에서 자율발렛시스템, 스마트주차 시스템과 데이터를 이용한 물류 혁신에 관하여 발표
한국 금융사 C 와 국토부가 함께 주최하는 행사에서 국토부 추천 스타트업으로 참여 및 발표