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[CUBE NEWS] Cube's Q4 Report for 2021

Hello, this is Cube Intelligence. We present to you the Q4 report for 2021.     September 14 [Affiliates] Papa X 'A' Department Store New employees rode the Papa to work.   October 1 Self-driving proposal business meeting with 'B' University.   October 7 Discussions and kick-off meetings were held with 'C', a startup specializing in autonomous driving simulation, on the development of an autonomous driving simulation environment in indoor and parking situations.   October 8 The second meeting was with a Korean robot company on how to apply the indoor positioning technology developed for autonomous parking to indoor logistics robots.    - As the paradigm of logistics robots changes from the existing fixed-route transport robot (AGV) to the autonomous driving transport robot (ARM), demand for indoor positioning technology occurs.   October 15 The second meeting was on the industry-academic cooperation technology development project related to autonomous driving wi

[CUBE NEWS] Cube's Q2 Report for 2021


[CUBE NEWS] Cube's 2021 Q2 Report
Hello, this is Cube Intelligence.
We present to you the 2Q report for 2021.
April 1
Papa runs ads in financial platform ‘A’'s app.
April 6
Selection of Government (Korea) Challenges on Self-driving Parking and Service Platforms
April 8
Discussions on entering U.S. self-driving valet system and smart parking system with South Korean mid-sized companies ‘B’ and Dual are underway.
April 16
Discussions with A Korean conglomerate ‘C’ on future cooperation in mobility.
April 26
Discussions with A Korean conglomerate ‘C’ on future cooperation in mobility. (Zoom Conference)
May 14
Discussion on cooperation with Korean conglomerate ‘D’ on self-driving parking and idle space utilization.
May 18
Discussion with executives of Korean conglomerate ‘E’ on future cooperation in mobility.
May 28
Papa Launches 'Reservation Call' Service in App.
June 1
Linkage of Attribution Platform ‘F’ for Papa Marketing Performance Measurement.
June 7
Papa, Digital Marketing Progress
- Advertising media: Google ac, Apple search ads, Facebook/Instagram (fb/ig) ad, Kakao Bizboard
June 9
Discussions with A Korean conglomerate ‘G’, Kick-off meeting on new delivery models using smart parking lots and autonomous driving
June 24
Papa, Affiliation and entry into the membership life mall of A Korean conglomerate ‘H’
(Below is the same content in Korean.)

안녕하십니까. 큐브 인텔리전스 입니다.
2021년 2분기동안 큐브 인텔리전스에서 진행된 일들에 대해 공지드립니다.
4 1
파파, 금융플랫폼 A 사 앱내 광고 집행
4월 6
자율주행 주차 및 서비스 플랫폼에 관한 정부(한국) 과제 선정
4월 8
한국 중견기업 B사, 듀얼과 함께 미국 자율주행 발렛 시스템 및 스마트주차 시스템 진출에 관한 협의 진행
4월 12
한국 대기업 C사와 모빌리티 분야 향후 협력방안 토의
4월 26
한국 대기업 C사와 모빌리티 분야 향후 협력방안 토의(줌 회의)
5월 14
한국 대기업 D사와 자율주행 주차 및 유휴공간 활용에 관한 협력 방안 토의
5월 18
한국 대기업 E사 임원과 모빌리티 분야 향후 협력방안 토의
5월 28
파파, 앱 내 ‘예약호출’ 서비스 신규 론칭

6월 1
파파 마케팅 성과 측정을 위한 어트리뷰션 플랫폼 F사 연동

6월 7
파파, 디지털 마케팅 진행
- 광고매체: 구글 AC (google AC), 애플서치애즈 (Apple Search Ads), 페이스북/인스타그램(FB/IG) 광고, 카카오 비즈보드
6월 9
한국 대기업 G사와 스마트 주차장 및 자율주행을 활용한 새로운 배송 모델에 관한 협력방안 킥오프 미팅
6월 24
파파 대기업 H사 멤버십 라이프몰 제휴 및 입점